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Spring Boot 3 Securing Your Application with JWT Token

Spring Boot 3 Securing Your Application with JWT Token

Spring Boot 3 Securing Your Application with JWT Token Spring Boot 3 + Spring Security 6 - JWT Authentication and Authorisation [NEW] [2023]

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Securing a web application is an important aspect of any production-ready application. One of the most popular ways to secure a web application is by using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Spring Boot 3 is a popular framework for building web applications and provides a lot of features out of the box. In Spring Boot 3, you can use JWT to secure your application by following these steps:

  • Configure Spring Security to use JWT for authentication. This involves setting up a JWT authentication filter that will extract the JWT token from incoming requests and validate it against a secret key.
  • Create a custom UserDetailsService that will be used to load user details based on the JWT token. This service will need to implement the interface.
  • In your controllers, use the @PreAuthorize annotation to restrict access to specific routes based on user roles.
  • In your client-side code, use the JWT token to authenticate requests to the server. This can be done by adding the JWT token to the Authorization header of the request.
  • To make the JWT token expire, you can set an expiration time when creating the token. You can also use refresh token to get a new token after the expiration of the previous token.

By following these steps, you can secure your Spring Boot 3 application using JWT tokens. JWT tokens provide a secure and stateless way to authenticate users and are widely supported across different platforms and languages.

It's important to note that even though JWT is a secure option, it's not a silver bullet. It's important to also consider other security aspects such as input validation, encryption, and safe storage of secrets.

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