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ASP.NET Core Web API Bootcamp - Build REST APIs with C# .NET

ASP.NET Core Web API Bootcamp - Build REST APIs with C# .NET

Learn ASP.NET Core Web API, Entity Framework Core, LINQ, Minimal Web API, .NET 7, C#, SQL, Azure Hosting, OAuth 2.0

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Do you want to build restful Web APIs? ASP.NET Core Web API is one of the best frameworks to accomplish that. Are you interested in learning ASP.NET Core Web API and you are looking for a comprehensive course about the topic, created by an experienced ASP.NET Core developer? Then this course is for you.

Learning how to develop restful Web APIs is not only about learning ASP.NET Core Web API, but also about learning concepts like HTTP, REST, databases and methodology. In this course we are starting with the absolute basics. You only need some fundamental C# knowledge, to be able to follow this course.

What you'll learn

  • ASP Dotnet Core Web API
  • EF Core (Entity Framework Core)
  • SQL
  • LINQ - Language Integrated Query
  • HTTP
  • REST
  • Azure Hosting
  • Authentication and Authorization using Azure AD
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Azure API Management
  • Minimal API
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Logging
  • File Upload and Download
  • Applying everything in a real world Course Project

The best way to learn a new framework is coding. This is why this course is focused on live coding sessions a lot. You can follow along coding the examples yourself for the best and most effective learning experience. This course also includes  lot info sheets and cheat sheets for future reference. We are also creating a complete Web API from scratch. You can use this project as a template and reference for future projects.

What you will learn in this course:

1. HTTP: HTTP is the foundation of the web and also for WEB APIs. You will learn the basics about Http. We will also talk about Http request methods and status codes.

2. REST: When it comes to WEB APIs, people are often talking about REST. You will learn what REST is and which guidelines your service should follow, to be called a restful service.

3. SQL: Usually we are storing data using relational databases. The language to work with these relational databases is SQL (structured query language). You will learn the basics about SQL. That includes but is not limited to creating tables, inserting data and updating data, querying data and deleting data.

4. C# Advanced Concepts: We will talk about some advanced concepts and language constructs in C#, that you need, to be able, to follow the course. If you are missing anything in this section, please let me know.

5. LINQ: Linq (Language Integrated Query) is needed in different kinds of situations, when you are working with ASP.NET Core. You will create your own solution covering a lot of LINQ examples. You can use this solution as a cheat sheet later.

6. EF Core (Entity Framework Core): Entity Framework Core is the most used data access framework for C#. We will talk about everything needed, to get you started using EF Core. You will also create a solution containing examples, that you can use as a cheat sheet.

7. ASP.NET Core Web API: We will explore the project structure of ASP.NET Core Web API projects. You will learn all the important features and concepts in ASP.NET Core. We will talk about Controllers, the entry point of the application, HTTP Context, API Documentation using Swagger, Minimal APIs and Middlewares.

8. Azure Hosting: You will learn, how to host your API in Microsoft Azure. We will also look into Azure API Management.

9. Authentication & Authorization: Most of the time, you want to secure your APIs. The modern approach of securing an API is using OAuth 2.0. We will implement Authentication & Authorization using OAuth 2.0 and Azure AD.

10. File Upload and Download: Another very important feature, that you often want to implement in your APIs is file upload and download. We will implement file upload and download using normal storage in the file system of your web server. You will also learn, how to utilize Azure Blob Storage, to store your files.

11. Logging: Every good application needs logging and Web APIs are no exception. You will learn how to implement logging in ASP.NET Core.

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