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Build A Complete Face Recognition Application in Android

Build A Complete Face Recognition Application in Android

Face Recognition in Android with Images & Videos , FaceNet & Mobile FaceNet models for Smart Android App Development Hot & new

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In this course, you will learn to integrate Face Recognition Models in Android apps with both

  • Images
  • Live Camera Footage

Face recognition is the process of identifying people using their faces, and in today's world, it is being used for countless purposes. Like

  • Security agencies use it to identify and track criminals.
  • Companies use it to monitor their employees
  • Educational institutes use it for marking attendance

and so on.

So in this course, you will learn to integrate different face recognition models in Android App Development to build smart and powerful applications.

Course Curriculum

We will start by learning the basics that how a face recognition model works. So in a face recognition system, there are mainly two parts

  1. Face Registration
  2. Face Recognition

Face Registration

So in face registration, we register the faces so that we can recognize them later.

Face Recognition

And in the face recognition part, we recognize those registered faces.

Choosing or Capturing Images in Android

  • After that, we will learn to
  • Choose Images from Gallery
  • Capture Images using Camera

in Android. And we will learn that because later we need to pass these images to our face recognition models to register and recognize faces.

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