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Build React Node AWS MERN Stack Real Estate Marketplace App

Build React Node AWS MERN Stack Real Estate Marketplace App

Beginners guide to build full stack JavaScript app using MERN (MongoDB Express React NodeJs) stack & AWS from scratch. Hot & new

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive Full Stack JavaScript course where you will learn how to build a production quality app from scratch. This course will teach you how to build a Real Estate Marketplace app using MERN (MongoDB ExpressJs ReactJs NodeJs) Stack. Each lessons are represented as how-to solutions for easy learning and understanding the concepts.

Building a massive project such as a marketplace requires a lot more than just coding experience. You should be able to plan the entire system, execute the tasks one by one until you have a fully working project. A marketplace usually consists 2 types of users. Buyers and sellers. In this app, one group of users will be buyers (people looking to buy or rent houses) and other group will be sellers (real estate agents or house/land owners wanting to sell/rent their properties).

Usually this type of projects are very complicated but not anymore. Yes, you heard me right. I believe in simplicity. No matter how complex the project is, if you have used the simplest and cleanest solutions as building blocks, your app will become incredibly easy to build, manage and scale.

There are massive amount of topics covered in this course. Every little detail has been covered. Every line of code has been explained. The knowledge you gain building this marketplace can be used to build any type of full stack apps.

Here are some of the course highlights:

  • Complete login registration system with email confirmation, forgot and reset passwords
  • JWT based authentication, authorization with refresh token
  • AWS services such as IAM (Identity and access management) S3 (Simple storage service) and SES (Simple email service)
  • Google maps and places API for displaying maps and address dropdown auto-complete
  • Geo-location based search based on lattitude and longitude
  • Multiple image uploads
  • Advance CRUD with MongoDB using mongoose ODM (Object document mapping)
  • JWT based authentication, authorization and route protection (both server and client)
  • State management with React Context
  • Real estate listing for buying, selling and renting house and lands
  • Contact emails for buyers to communicate with sellers (Real estate agents or home owners)
  • Ads (Real estate listings) like and unlike feature
  • User wishlist, enquired properties list and created Ads management (create, read, update and delete)
  • Advance searching with multiple search combinations (buy, sell, rent, price range, nearby location etc)
  • User profile update and public profile views
  • Load more pagination feature
  • User dashboard (for both buyers and sellers)
  • Includes well over 100 how-to solutions that can be used as a guide to build any projects in future

The project you will build in this course is the simplest yet most powerful app you will build while learning the fundamentals of full stack app development online. Enroll into this course to join me in this incredible journey.

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