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Build Role-based Authentication using Node.js, JWT, Mongoose

Build Role-based Authentication using Node.js, JWT, Mongoose

Learn to Build Token base Authentication APIs with JWT using Nodejs, MongoDB and implement role based API authorization New

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Created by :  Jayant Patankar

What we are building in this course!!

First, we create our project, setup up our server and create our user model, connect with MongoDB database then create simple registration and login function functionality, after than we perform crud operation on our user model. I will show you how you can hash registration and login password after that I will teach you how to add JWT authentication in Nodejs. I will also show you how to add role-based authentication and then we use Embedded javascript(ejs) to create frontend of the application. We also test our API with Postman.

Just follow along with me. I will holding your hand through the course. at the end of the course you have a solid understanding of role based authentication and how to use it to build a JWT authentication API that can you use a foundation to any project.

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What you'll learn

  • Learn to setup express server
  • Learn to setup mongoDB database
  • Learn how to build CRUD APIs with Nodejs and Mongoose
  • Learn how to hash the password before saving it to database.
  • Learn how to add JWT authentication with ExpressJs
  • Learn how to implement role based authentication and authorization.
  • Learn How to build Signup, Login, Logout API
  • Test your API with Postman

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