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Building an Online Shop with Play Framework in Java

Building an Online Shop with Play Framework in Java

Learn how to use Play Framework, Twirl and Hibernate to build an online shop using the Java programming language New

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Explore and learn the power of Play Framework and Twirl Template engine. Learn how to build a web application from scratch using one of the most widely used web frameworks for Java. Play Framework, Twirl, and Hibernate are used together to build robust, scalable, and efficient web applications.

Use the knowledge gathered throughout this course to design and build an online shop. The course has step-by-step instructions with explanations in all lessons. Don’t just learn HOW to use Play, but also WHY we are using certain features and design patterns. This course also covers many other aspects, like system design, application architecture, database normalization, optimizations and many more.

The course is structured into 3 main chapters, each covering different aspects, from introduction to Play Framework and its features to Hibernate and communicating with the database, and finally how to build the webshop. At the end of the course, you will have the main features of an online shop and the skeleton upon which you can build a more robust web app. The knowledge gathered throughout the course will be essential for any Java web developer.

All this will full explanations, written examples and code sample for all aspects discussed, as well as full source code at the end of the course.

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