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ChatGPT for Webdesign - Unlock the Power of Coding Today!

ChatGPT for Webdesign - Unlock the Power of Coding Today!

ChatGPT can also write code. We help you exploit this power to create your own websites! New

On Udemy -- > Unlock the Power of Coding Today!

In this course we help you - even if you've never written a single line of code in your life - create your own amazing websites using ChatGPT. More importantly, you will get used to leveraging new AI technologies to make yourself more powerful, a skill that will only get more valuable with time.

New AI tools have the potential to make us all much more powerful. What took days of work by a professional can now be done by anyone in hours, or even minutes.

ChatGPT received a lot of hype for its ability to write impressive texts. But even more revolutionary is its ability to write code. This means the power of coding that used to be reserved to an elite few, is now available to anyone.

But if you never wrote a single line of code in your life, you do not even know what code could be valuable: what code should you ask for? And once you have the code, where do you put it to make it work?

This course takes you from someone who has never even thought of coding a website, to someone who can create a professional website in an hour, using ChatGPT. And if you already are a web designer, this will 10x your productivity.

We also use other AI tools to fill the content of the website, connect the website to a database for a working contact form or email signup, discuss how to find inspiration for you website and set up a domain and hosting to publish our website to the world.

This course contains a combination of explanation videos and 'follow along' videos where I use ChatGPT to create a website. You can use the same prompts as me and follow along with your own website, or immediately start with your own ideas. For every lesson the website files are added as resources for you to download to make catching up and following along as easy as possible. If you watch the whole course and follow along, by the end of the course you will be able to create a good looking website like the one in the intro video in 1 hour.

"We want to help people become more productive, more efficient, and most of all: more powerful, using new AI tools." ~DESAINERS

What you'll learn

  • Use ChatGPT to produce working code
  • Anyone who has never written a single line of code will create a good-looking, interactive website using multiple different coding languages
  • Leverage the ChatGPT and other AI tools to make yourself more powerful
  • Code a professional looking website without ANY preknowledge about coding OR webdesign
  • The basics of webdesign, website hosting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP - Only directly applicable knowledge that helps you exploit the power of ChatGPT even more!
  • Publish your website to the world
  • Use other AI tools such as DALL-E for the content of your website
  • Know what code to ask for, where to place the code, how to test if it works, what to do if it does not work

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.