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Full Stack Data Scientist

Full Stack Data Scientist

Stats,Python| SQL| Machine Learning & Cloud| Deep Learning & A.I |Computer Vision & NLP| Power BI | 32 RealWorldProjects  Full Stack Data Scientist New

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Data Science is bringing innovations to the world. The recent incident of Covid and ChatGPT is making the demand for Data scientists even more crucial in organizations.

Employees with data science and analytical skills are highly valued and paid for in organizations. If you are interested in learning and understanding the field of data science, then this course is for you.

This is the most COMPREHENSIVE and STRUCTURED course that covers EVERYTHING you need in order to become a Data Scientist.

The course is designed for a period of 9-months of intensive lessons and projects. The topics included in this course are update and includes critical areas of demand in 2023 such as ChatGPT and Generative Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

Why Should You Enroll In This Particular Course?

If you are aiming to become a Data Scientist or switch from one domain to data science and machine learning or AI field, you should first look at job requirement of the Data Science field and see the skills that are needed in order for you to get a job in that field.

While creating this course, I have taken time to research many company job postings, including vacancies in my own company and created the course to give students the exact skills that they need in order to crack their Data Science interviews and also be successful when employed.

In simple terms, this course is:

  • Well structured : a 9-month plan to your dream job
  • Includes the exact skills that you need in order to secure a data science job.
  • 31 diverse projects in different domains : Telecommunication, Banking, Health, E-commerce, Tech, etc.
  • From very BASIC to very ADVANCED concepts.
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of concepts
  • straight to the point and not wasting time on unnecessary topics that you'll never use in the industry

In the course, you have access to :

  • Industry SQL skills (full course)
  • Industry Python skills (full course)
  • Industry Statistics for Data Science skills (full course)
  • Industry Machine Learning (ML) skills (full course)
  • Industry ML Model Cloud Deployment skills (full course)
  • Industry Deep Learning skills (full course)
  • Industry Artificial Intelligence skills (full course)
  • Industry Computer Vision (CV) skills (full course)
  • Industry Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills (full course)
  • Industry Microsoft Power BI skills (full course)
  • Reading Scientific Research Paper
  • Github for Data Science
  • Recommendation Systems skills (full course)
  • 31 Hands-On Real World Projects
  • Guide and techniques for searching and applying for Internships and Jobs
  • 24/7 support
  • lifetime access

In this course, you will get to understand the core areas of Data Science and the various career opportunities in Data Science. After that, you will start with SQL for Data Science to give you solid grounds for your data science career.

This should give you the foundation needed for advanced concepts in data science such as Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer vision (CV), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The instructor for this course has 15 years of industry experience as well as classroom experience in developing and deploying machine learning models in production. He is also instructor of top online courses and books. He combines his industry and academic experience in delivering the lessons. The lessons are broken down for easy understanding. A step by step approach is followed in order to cater for diverse audience such as beginners, intermediate as well as advanced learners.

You only need your laptop, internet and willingness to learn and you are good to go.

See you in the course.

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