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Learn Full Stack Rust Programming using AXUM, Yew, and SQLx

Learn Full Stack Rust Programming using AXUM, Yew, and SQLx

Frontend and Backend Rust programming: We will build a Rust Web API using AXUM and Postgres and frontend using Yew New

On Udemy -- >  Learn Full Stack Rust Programming using AXUM, Yew, and SQLx

You will build a full-stack web app using the rust programming language. We will be building a fully functional CRUD Server API using AXUM, SQLx, and Postgres. Then we will build a fully functional frontend in rust using the Yew framework (Yew looks like ReactJS but in Rust). We will then connect the front end and the back end to run from the same port/URL. You will learn how to create Yew components, routing, create forms and handle GET and POST requests using the rust reqwest crate in the front end. This course is good for developers who already know at least one programming language and have some web development experience. It is not a course for folks who are completely new to programming.

Rust is the most loved programming language for the past several years according to StackOverflow. All the big tech companies are now using rust and a lot of startups are using rust. More so, a lot of the newer blockchain projects are building with rust. The rust programming language is growing very rapidly.

This course will help you start developing in rust very fast, as you will build a real full-stack app. You can use the concepts to expand your rust dev options.

The course is divided into 3 main sections. Section 1 is an intro to rust. You can skip this section if you are already familiar with the material. Section 2 will cover the Server API dev using AXUM and section 3 covers developing frontend apps using the popular Yew framework.

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