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Professional CSS 2023 (Flexbox & Grid & Animations & More)

Professional CSS 2023 (Flexbox & Grid & Animations & More)

Professional CSS 2023 (Flexbox & Grid & Animations & More) Master modern CSS in 2023 by building 2 beautiful projects with Flexbox, Grid, Animations & Transitions, and much more! New

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What you'll learn

  • How to code CSS in 2023 by building realistic projects from scratch and seeing how it all fits together
  • Avoid hundreds of beginner mistakes so the people who have to interact with your code have it easy
  • Implement simple-to-complex layouts with Flexbox & CSS Grid
  • Crucial best practices in 2023 that every CSS-coder should know (e.g. use rem instead of px)
  • Implement awesome CSS animations & transitions
  • Implement Responsive Web Design (RWD) for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop with media queries (@media)
  • Use the most popular CSS pre-processor (Sass/SCSS) and the value it adds
  • Why people use BEM and differences with coding CSS in React/Vue/Angular
  • Implement a simple build process for CSS (add vendor prefixes and minify CSS file)
  • Stop struggling with CSS -- it becomes fun once you have mastered things like Flexbox (trust me)
  • Master all critical concepts for a front-end developer
  • Tons of easy design tricks you can use to drastically improve the look of your projects
  • BONUS: By going through the course you'll naturally improve design and HTML too

This is the #1 resource to master modern CSS!

Take your CSS to an advanced, professional level by building 2 beautiful, real-world projects from scratch. Other courses start from outdated concepts first (like floats) -- we will use modern concepts right from the start (like Flexbox).

Course Projects

2 Top-tier, real-world projects. Expertly engineered to help you code modern websites & web apps with the latest best practices.

SocialEditor: Build a slick graphic design editor for social media posts (layouts with Flexbox).

BetterPhotos: Build a stylish homepage for a photography community (layouts with Flexbox & Grid).

Reviews from elsewhere

''Until recently, I've never sat down and learned CSS properly. I know JavaScript and React, but the CSS part of any project would be a chore. I've tried doing various CSS course to complete my CSS knowledge, pretty much all the popular ones on Udemy. However, I would lose interest because they were either too basic or too long winded. I highly recommend the ByteGrad CSS course by Wesley''

''Hi Wesley, I would like to say hello and the most important - THANK YOU for the fantastic CSS course you created. Let me say it's been really (one of) the best I've ever went through. I am at first a backend developer and my frontend experiences are usable but somewhat limited but now I feel much better about it, really, not just talking.''

''As Albert Einstein said: 'Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.' Thank you ByteGrad for saving my time by creating the CSS program. After watching many chaotic courses on Lynda and YouTube, finally I can follow some logic here at your school. Thank you!''

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