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Qwik For Beginners


Qwik For Beginners

An in-depth introduction to the Qwilk Framework - decide if Qwik is right for you! Hot & new

This course is an in-depth introduction to the Qwik framework. It comes with a running Github repo.

This Course in a Nutshell

Qwik is a web framework created by the same creator as Angular and AngularJs, and it allows developers to create blazing-fast web applications.

Qwik is very similar to react in terms of its developer's experience,  due to the use of JSX and also because many of the Qwik API's have similar names to React.

But under the hood, it has a completely different and much more powerful engine.

Qwik provides us with server-side rendering out of the box, without any special extra configuration. But besides that, Qwik is the first resumable application framework, where we can create server-side rendered applications that will transfer their state automatically to the client, and resume their execution on the browser after the initial rendering on the server.

Qwik comes with a very innovative fine-grained lazy-loading mechanism, where lazy-loading is done automatically for us by the framework in a transparent way.

We as developers don't have to worry about server-side rendering anymore, Qwik will take care of that for us.

Also, Qwik comes with a brand new reactive change detection mechanism that is based on Javascript Proxies. This change detection has all the performance of an "on-push" style change detection system, without any of the drawbacks of having to use immutability libraries.

What you'll learn

  • Qwik components and component composition
  • Understand in detail how Qwil works under the hood
  • Qwik stores and the Qwik change detection system
  • Qwik HTTP (resumable and non-resumable scenarios)
  • Input properties and event handlers
  • Styling Qwik components - scoped and non-scoped styles
  • Common tasks: conditional rendering, rendering a list of elements


  • Previous knowledge of Javascript is needed
  • Previous knowledge of other frameworks like Angular or React is not required
  • Previous knowledge of Typescript is not required
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