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SQL Optimization with SingleStore

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Master SQL Optimization with SingleStore - Get the Best Performance for Your Database! Join this comprehensive Udemy course to learn how to create highly ...

In this course, you'll learn about SingleStoreDB architecture and how to get the best performance from your SingleStoreDB Cloud workspaces and databases. The course includes lectures and demonstrations to introduce concepts, and hands-on labs and knowledge checks to reinforce learning.

Topics include:

  • SingleStore architecture - how SingleStore's architecture functions; the different types of storage supported in SingleStore; and schema design strategies, such as the use of sharding and shard keys, indexes, and more.
  • Query optimization, specifically on optimizations in distributed systems like SingleStore.
  • Benchmarking tools to monitor the performance of our queries and discover opportunities for improvements.

Labs are hands-on, and require access to a free SingleStoreDB Cloud trial. The first lab of the course includes instructions on how to set up an account if you don't have one, and how to launch a workspace.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the key concepts of SingleStoreDB architecture
  • Know how and when to use sharding and indexing best practices
  • Be familiar with the tools you can use to gather and analyze information about query performance
  • Review performance statistics to understand where to optimize queries
  • Employ methods of query optimization to improve performance
  • Understand the benefits of benchmarking

Prerequisites: Students who choose to enroll in this course should have:

  • SQL skills, which will be used in the labs
  • Understanding of relational databases

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