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Umbraco v11: Advanced Course

Umbraco v11: Advanced Course

Building Advanced Applications using Umbraco CMS  Umbraco v11: Advanced Course

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Update your skills with the latest version of Umbraco CMS and start building better applications.

During this course we'll be using Umbraco v11 and I'll be taking you through several topics, mixing theory with practice.

My aim is to share with you all the experience I have gained in several years using Umbraco CMS every day, in the simplest way possible.

We will deepen and explore:

  • The Umbraco routing - Inbound and Outbound pipelines
  • All the Umbraco Controllers (Did you ever hear about UmbracoPageController?)
  • The Models Builder
  • The Notifications Handler with some practical examples
  • How to work with custom database table using NPoco ORM

We will customize the backoffice:

  • Developing a Custom Property Editor
  • Developing a Content App
  • Customizing a ListView layout
  • Modifying the "Allowed Actions" for a specific user, node or as a default behaviour 

Get a very deep understanding of Umbraco and its components!

But that's not all!

We will build a RESTful API service that integrates and modifies umbraco backoffice nodes via the umbraco ContentService and MediaService services.

Security will not be neglected, we will see how to configure an OAuth2 authorization server and how to protect our RESTful API service using JWT tokens to authenticate and authorize the requests.

Of course, we don't want to keep our applications on our computer, we want to share them with the world!

That's why we'll see how to configure uSync to keep our content synchronised across different environments and how to automatically deploy our Umbraco applications on a Linux server using Github Actions.

I hope to see you in my course and if so, what really matters to me is that this course could make you a better Umbraco developer!

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