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Unreal Engine 5: Create and Publish a 3D Action Mobile Game

Unreal Engine 5: Create and Publish a 3D Action Mobile Game

Create an action combat framework from scratch for mobile in Unreal Engine 5 and Publish it on GooglePlay Store!  Unreal Engine 5: Create and Publish a 3D Action Mobile Game

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Created by :  Howl Chang

[All 54 lessons are uploaded with corrected captions!]

If you're interested in creating a 3D-action singleplayer game on mobile platform and publishing it in online store like google play store, this is the course for you!

Developing a 3D mobile game in unreal engine is a bit different from developing a game on PC platform. Since player's mobile specifications are quite different, mobile game developers do need to optimize lots of assets and logics including lighting, mesh polygons, textures, tick events etc, which all matter to final game performance. We will take them into consideration during this course.

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What you'll learn

  • Create a sekiro-like melee combat system from scratch for PC/Mobile
  • Create advanced AI with structured behavior logics
  • Optimization for mobile game with unreal engine 5
  • Publish your mobile game on GooglePlay Store
Moreover, we will create your own sekiro-like basic combat mechanism from scratch by using unreal engine 5. We will not only create a game on mobile, but also publish it on google play store for more potential players who like your game!

Topics of this course will cover:

  • Android development environment
  • Virtual joysticks and UI for mobile
  • Animations system in unreal engine
  • Toggle Locking system
  • Rolling/Dodge system
  • Defence/Parry system
  • Execution and special camera transition system
  • HP and Posture value stats system
  • Attack combos
  • Knock back/Stun/Tyrant/Invincible states
  • Structured AI system with behavior tree
  • Customized attack patterns (Thrust, Mikiri, Dodge counter, etc.)
  • Signing *.aab file for GooglePlay Store
  • How to update new version of your game on googleplay store
If you have any questions, please search Q&A part in Udemy first, someone else might already solve problems similar to you. If there're no similar questions yet, ask question in details there and I will check questions regularly. Moreover, you can join my discord server to find more students who are enrolling in this courses!

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