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Build 13 Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO


1: Build 13 Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

Build Amazing Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO and Take your Web Development Skills to the Next Level

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Do you want to develop your skills further as a developer? Did you build a couple of projects with PHP and MySQL, but you still think you are inexperienced and you are missing out on a lot of things when coming to developing bigger projects? If yes, then this course is the right resource for you.

This course is very digestible and informative and it was created specifically to enhance your coding skills and knowledge not just in PHP and MySQL, but overall in developing web projects.

Here is what we are going to do in this course. Naturally, we are going to get started by setting up the right tools for our projects. And after that, we are going to build our first simple yet very interesting project and that's a payment page with Paypal. The second project will be about a simple forum system.

They are going to be also a couple of generic projects like the full CRUD app and so on. After this, the next project will be the starting of something big because it's an authentication system where I am going to teach you how to develop a login and a register page, how to hash and de-hash passwords, how to do validation and so much more. After this, we are going to build a comments system and this will be the biggest project in this course.

We will begin first by doing a post system and then we will grab comments for every post that we have of course we will use Ajax-JQuery for inserting, deleting, and showing comments. after that, we will integrate a rating system into the previous two projects to make a bigger project.

So, I will show how to download a JQuery plugin, how to integrate it and how to use it to do the rating system for every post, and so on. And the rating system is going to be implemented of course using Ajax-JQuery.

The upcoming project is going to be also created with Ajax and JQuery and that's a live search system and we will combine it with our big project. 

There are a lot of projects along the way but it's going to take a very long time to talk about them. So I will let you discover the many benefits of this course. If that sounds like something you are interested in, get the course now

Build 13 Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO | Udemy

What you'll learn

  • Learn to Work with APIs
  • Learn to deal with PHP and MySQL in a professional way
  • Learn to combine Ajax-Jquery with PHP
  • Create a full like and dislike system
  • Train your prior knowledge with PHP and MySQL
  • Learn to deal with files and install a library for it
  • Build a simple CV creator
  • Build an auth system
  • Build a rating system
  • Learn Debugging in PHP and MySQL along the way with Ajax JQuery
  • Train your knowledge as a PHP developer
  • Learn to create a URL shortening service
  • Learn to insert and manipulate images on your app
  • Learn to send emails professionally and dynamically
  • Explore top tips and tricks about development in general
  • Learn how to integrate PayPal inside your web app
  • Build simple forum


  • Basic PHP, MySQL and PDO knowledge
  • Very little knowledge of Bootstrap

Build 13 Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO | Udemy

Who this course is for:

  • Every PHP and MySQL developer who want to advance their skills
  • Developers who want to explore web development further
  • Developers who want to build cool projects and to build up their CVs

Q: Top PHP Projects Ideas
  • A Chatbot for Students.
  • Portal for Doctors.
  • Clothes Recommendation System.
  • Product Rating System as per the Consumer Reviews.
  • Automatic Time Table Creation.
  • Ad Dispenser Server.
  • Movie Recommendation App.
  • Predictive Model for Customer Behavior.

Build 13 Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO | Udemy

According to students ratings and reviews “PHP with PDO - ULTIMATE Crash Course” is the best PHP course on Udemy. More than around 2,432 students have already enrolled the course and given 4.9/5 rating. “PHP Unit Testing with PHPUnit” is the "Bestseller " PHP course on Udemy. The course has a 4.6/5 rating.

  1. Chatbot for College Students. This is one of the best simple PHP project ideas for beginners, as it lets you build a Chatbot web application to respond to common college student messages and queries with AI. The chatbot analyzes student queries and returns the most appropriate answer.

It's one of the best languages to start with. This simplicity does mean more competition, though. So starting out, you may have a lower salary. But highly proficient PHP developers are sought after, so if you can master it, you have the potential to earn lots of money.

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