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Django 4 Python Masterclass 2023: Full stack web development


Django 4 Python Masterclass 2023: Full stack web development

Build An Advance Multi Vendor Digital Photography Agency Ecomerce Website With Python and Django 4

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Learn the entire technology stack to create beautiful and responsive Ecomerce Business website with Django. By developing this Django website you will learn how to deal with real Django application(s) and real project requirements.

You will learn most of the basic Django to intermediate and advance Django knowledge by completing this Django tutorial.

This course is well-rounded and covers most aspects involved in building scalable Web Applications using Django Rest Framework which adopts implementations like class-based views, forms, model validator, QuerySet, and more

This is a 100% project-based course. We will be building a real Django project right from scratch. Whether you want to change career paths, expand your current skill set, start your own entrepreneurial business or just want to learn, this is the course for you!

The basic scenario of this project is, we are making a website for  business owner who wants to link buyers and sellers in his website and allow the user to come to his site and browse through all of his latest products and featured products.

This course is designed in such a way that you can learn Django while you develop a real project with real requirements. So that the learning becomes fun and exciting, also you can add this project to your PORTFOLIO to get hired and increase your chance of building your own business.

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What you'll learn

  • Build a multi vendor marketplace, where buyers and sellers can connect.
  • A project, where buyers can also apply to become sellers.
  • Be able to analyze, develop and design your own real world project
  • Be able to design Cart, Order, User Accounts and Verify users
  • Learn how to watermark your digital photos and protect your work.
  • Be able to link payment gateways, to enable users make complete their orders
  • Have an idea of Python and Django. Know about HTML, CSS and JS.

Having graduated with a BSc in Industrial Chemistry, I went further to study CISCO and NETWORKING and worked successfully as a network administrator. But, I wanted freedom and be able to serve millions of people around the globe. I picked an interest in programming, then I fell in love with Python. Django is my favorite Web Framework.

I have very good knowledge of creating awesome programming course content that perfectly suits the current job market demands. Enroll in my courses and be a better Software Developer.

Build a multi vendor marketplace, where buyers and sellers can connect. A project, where buyers can also apply to become sellers.

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How to build an e-commerce website with Django and Python?

  • Image result for Build An Advanced Multi Vendor Digital Photography Agency Ecommerce
  • Website With Python and Django 4
  • Write an Interview Experience.
  • E-commerce Website using Django.
  • Django project – Creating a Basic E-commerce Website for Displaying Products.
  • Django Models.
  • Django ORM – Inserting, Updating & Deleting Data.
  • Django Basic App Model – Makemigrations and Migrate.
  • Django App Model – Python makemigrations command.

Can I build website using Python and Django?

  • How to Build your own website using Django in Python
  • It's very fast.
  • Comes with a lot of pre-existing features like user authentication, site maps, RSS feeds.
  • It is very secure and prevents a lot of security mistakes like SQL Injection, cross−site scripting, clickjacking etc.

Can Django be used for ecommerce?

Django is perfect for e-commerce startups, as it's a good fit for small websites and can scale perfectly with business growth. You can rely on Django to handle hundreds/thousands of visitors at a time.

It's built with independent components you can unplug or replace depending on your needs at any specific time

Is Python enough to make a website?

The choice of frameworks isn't overwhelming (as it is in case of JavaScript, where they were necessary for cross-browser support at one time) and you can create a sensible, reliable toolbox without worrying you're not using the latest tech. So, ultimately, Python is a great choice for web development.

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Does PayPal use Django?

Django PayPal is a pluggable application that implements with PayPal Payments Standard and Payments Pro. These docs are for django-paypal 2.0 - please ensure that corresponds to the version you are using!

the example contains the reusable Django app code. This directory contains views for handling user login, authentication, and saves the Shopify session upon finalization. Middleware is included which loads session to automatically re-initialize the Python Shopify API for each request.

How do I create a fully functional ecommerce website?

  • Your guide to creating an e-commerce website
  • Define your business and choose an e-commerce model. Consider your business type. ...
  • Choose an e-commerce platform. ...
  • Select a template and start customizing your website. ...
  • Set up your online store. ...
  • Market your business and prepare for launch.

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