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Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners - 2023


1: Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners - 2023

Learn how to build REST API's in Django | Theory and hands-on demonstrations

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Welcome! I'm here to teach you how to build a simple api for your Django web application.

This course is primarily intended for developers who have a basic knowledge of Django and want to learn how to build their very own API's according to the best practices.

If you have primarily front-end development skills you'll be able to master the hidden language of the backend, since you will understand what is happening 'under the hood'. This will give you more confidence and broaden your understanding of how the front-end and back-end communicate with each other.

Whether you are taking this course to just understand the fundamentals of how to build your rest api or because you want to create a simple application. Rest assured this course is for you. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- Create a virtual environment

- Initialise the DRF (Django Rest Framework)

- Create your serializer

- Create your view endpoints

- Handle POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests

- Learn how to consume your API

- Understand one of the most complex concepts in back-end development

- Create a CRUD API

- Create a Register and Login API

I want to help YOU to build your very own REST API with Python and Django.

Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners | Udemy

The Python Django: Build a Simple REST API for Beginners course has been structured in a simple and logical order. Everything that has been designed from the styling to the graphics and topics covered is crafted with the absolute duty of care towards the student.

  • It consists of practical hands-on demonstrations.

  • The course is structured in a logical and cohesive way - not just random lectures here there and everywhere.

  • It starts off very simple and then builds on gradually throughout the course.

  • The course includes the full project source code.

The Python Django: Build a Simple REST API for Beginners course is a highly practical course and allows you to apply your knowledge


Your instructor:

My name is Arno Pretorius. I'm a qualified IT teacher who has taught programming both in-person and online. My main passions are teaching and technology, so I thought why not just combine the best of both worlds to create something truly amazing and valuable. Over the years, I have created and deployed many real-world Django-based applications, including a job portal for university graduates and an exclusive social network.

I'm a Django developer, an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, and Developer. I have a keen interest in everything that relates to web development, Django web application security, and cloud computing.

Trust me you are in good hands!


Python Django: REST API Crash Course for Beginners | Udemy

This course also comes with:

- 3 hours of on-demand video

- Full lifetime access

- A Udemy certificate of completion

- Access on mobile and TV

Join me in this course if you want to master the fundamentals of learning how to build a REST API with Django.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for absolute beginners who want to learn how to build API's with Python and Django
  • What you'll learn
    How to build your own REST API with Django and Python
    How to make use of the Django Rest Framework (DRF)
    Build a simple CRUD API
    Build a simple Register and Login API
    How to use one of the most in-demand full stack technologies today
    How to create serializers and view endpoints
    A basic knowledge of Django is required
    It would be helpful to have a basic understanding of the foundational web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
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    The reasons are fairly simple: It's developed in Python (which I love). It is a battle-tested framework that lets you quickly deploy to production and test your API. The Django Rest Framework (DRF from now on) is really flexible and simple to understand.
    Once you've installed all the essential software, you're ready to begin.
    1. Install Django REST Framework. ...
    2. Create a Django App. ...
    3. Register the App Project Settings. ...
    4. Register App URLs. ...
    5. Create a View for the API. ...
    6. Create a URL Path for the App. ...
    7. Create a Model for the App. ...
    8. Make Migrations.

    In order to complete your app, if you want to code more python / Django code then use Django, to the contrary if you want to code more JavaScript code then use Django restful API. For web application itself I like using Django ,because it is based on python ,it is much cleaner and shorter than js

    Arno Pretorius

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