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Snowflake The Complete Masterclass (2023 Edition)


1: Snowflake The Complete Masterclass (2023 Edition)

Master Snowflake and cloud data warehouse from the ground up

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Do you want to upgrad your skills and learn how to professionally work in Snowflake?

In this course you will – step by step – learn everything that is important in Snowflake!

Become a master in Snowflake and learn everything from scratch!

Why should you take this course?

✓ Understand everything from scratch – step by step, very structured and practice-oriented

 Learn all the important features – know when and how to use them properly

✓ Clear explanations and very systematic – theory and practice

✓ Practice everything hands-on – practice and test your knowledge in quizzes & assignments

What is in this course?

In this course you will learn everything you need to master Snowflake!

This course is giving you the chance to systematically master the everything you need to know in Snowflake!

 Master all the fundamentals

✓ Master also all the advanced topics

✓ Learn the best practices hands-on

✓ Apply what you’ve learnt in a lot of assignemnts and quizzes

✓ Personal support whenever you have questions

This course is right for you if...

... you have never worked with Snowflake and want to learn how to master everything hands-on in just one course.

... OR you have already some basic knowledge and want to dive deeper and become more advanced in the whole universe of Snowflake.

This is the one course that covers everything you need to Master Snowflake.

Enroll now to get life long access and master Snowflake!

Snowflake – The Complete Masterclass | Udemy Course

What you'll learn

  • Master all fundamentals & advanced topics
  • Helpful for snowflake certification
  • Build professional-quality understanding of Snowflake
  • Understand the entire Snowflake workflow from end-to end
  • Apply your knowlegde in assignments & quizzes hands-on
  • Learn from top-rated instructor and professional BI developer


  • Laptop with access to the internet & motivation to learn
  • Basic knowledge of SQL is helpful

Who this course is for:

  • Data Architects & Data Engineers who want to expand their knowledge to new technologies
  • Database Administrators who want to invest in their skills of working within new cloud technologies
  • Everyone that wants to learn Snowflake from beginner to advanced
  • Everyone that wants work with data and wants learn learn about the latest cloud technologies

Snowflake – The Complete Masterclass | Udemy

This 4-day course covers the fundamental concepts, design considerations, and best practices intended for key stakeholders who will be working on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. The course will consist of lectures, demos, and labs on a wide range of foundational topics.

The current estimated net worth of Snowflake Inc's CEO and Chairman, Frank Slootman, is estimated to be about $1.22B . Frank Slootman owns about 149,311 units of Snowflake Inc common stock. In the last year at Snowflake Inc, Frank Slootman has sold an estimated value of $606.04M worth.

Knowing your recertification period

You can level up to any of the advanced roles at any time in your Snowflake journey. If you do not take any recertification actions and two years have passed, your status will expire and you will have to start over with the SnowPro Core Certification exam.

New Snowflake accounts can be configured to run on any of the top three public cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Let's now explore some of the reasons that might make you consider Snowflake for your business. Snowflake is super easy to learn and use, with an almost zero admin footprint.

Snowflake is mainly expensive because of usage, not because of bad query optimization. Honestly, in the financial world, I think the value proposition may be less about anything to do with the query capabilities and more about the permissions model.

Snowflake – The Complete Masterclass | Udemy Discount

The Snowflake data platform is not built on any existing database technology or “big data” software platforms such as Hadoop. Instead, Snowflake combines a completely new SQL query engine with an innovative architecture natively designed for the cloud.

Snowflake offers native connectivity to multiple BI, data integration, and analytics tools . Azure comes with integration tools such as logic apps, API Management, Service Bus, and Event Grid for connecting to third-party services. Both the user and AWS are responsible for securing data.

The questions were straightforward to read and did not have any scenario-based questions; rather, it was mainly theoretical knowledge of Snowflake, so you didn't really need much hands-on experience.

The only tough part was the pressure of getting over 80% since exams have never been my friend.

For Beginners: SnowPro Core Certification: This certification is intended for individuals who have a deep understanding of Snowflake's core features and best practices for using the platform. It covers topics such as Snowflake architecture, data loading, querying, and security.

Things are different with Snowflake since it is fully SQL-based. Chances are, you have some experience using BI or data analysis tools that work on SQL.

Most of what you already know can be applied to Snowflake. Not to mention that SQL is an easy-to-learn language, a significant benefit for general users.

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