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Talend + SQL + Datawarehousing - Beginner to Professional

Talend is an Open Source/Enterprise ETL Tool, which can be used by Small to Large scale companies to perform Extract Transform and Load their data into Databases or any File Format (Talend supports almost all file formats and Database vendors available in the market including Cloud and other niche services).Talend + SQL + Datawarehousing - Beginner to Professional

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This Course is "Talend + SQL + Datawarehousing - Beginner to Professional" for anyone who wants to learn Talend from Beginner to Professional, it will also help in Enhancing your skills if you have prior experience with the tool.

In the course "Talend + SQL + Datawarehousing - Beginner to Professional" we teach Talend - ETL tool, PostgreSQL - SQL and all the basic Datawarehousing concepts that you would need to work and excel in the organization or freelance.

We give real world scenarios and try to explain the use of component so that it becomes more relevant and useful for your real world projects.

Prepares you for the Certification Exam.

By the end of the Course "Talend + SQL + Datawarehousing - Beginner to Professional" you will become the Master in Talend Data Integration and will help you land the job as ETL or Talend Developer, which is high in demand.

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Prerequisites ?

  • Basic Knowledge of working on PC

Target Audience ?

  • Anyone who wants to enter the IT industry from non technical background.
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their concepts of Talend Studio to perform data integration.
  • Anyone who wants to get job as a Talend Developer.
  • Anyone who wants to learn basics of SQL.
  • Anyone who wants to learn basics of datawarehousing.
  • System Requirements ?
  • PC or lappy with preferably more than 4GB RAM and i3 above processor.
  • Talend Open Studio Software - FREE for everyone

PostgreSQL Database - FREE for local implementation


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