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Certified Master of Herbs and Spices Herbologist| ACCREDITED

1: Certified Master of Herbs and Spices Herbologist| ACCREDITED

This Course Is Magical! Mother Nature Wisdom and Power, Mindfulness, Enchanted Food, Magic Uses and Bewitching Medicine.

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Welcome To Class Students! If you are a returning student, love ya! If you are brand new, yay, you found me, and here we go!

Complete the cycle of healing with understanding spices and herbs and how they enhance your spiritual practice, your physical body, and the daily grind into something zesty! Life is too short to not be spicey! Enjoy this course and watch your world open up when you discover the magical secrets of things hidden in plain sight all this time! Sitting in your spice and herb cabinet.

In this course you will learn a vast array of spices, smell them, taste them, cook with them and dream about them (ok, not that last one). If you are into a well-balanced life, do yoga (and more), have a healing practice, like cooking, or like eating, :) you will enjoy this course.

As with all my courses, I teach through storytelling and hands on. I like to have fun while teaching and let you have fun while learning. I change the scenery up and add music for your entertainment. If you need pies or charts this isn’t the class for you.

If you like to have fun, it is! This course comes with the Master of Herbs and Spices, herbs booklet and is the first part of a two-part course. Take them in any order. If you found this one first, take it, it's a blast! After this course you will be a certified Herbologist and have a certificate to prove it. Circle back to the Master of Herbs and Spices, Spiceologist course and you will be complete.

Of course, there are many more spices and herbs out there, but these are some of the most used spices and some unique ones thrown in I think are interesting! Enjoy the class and make sure to reach out for your certificate when you are done. Imagine how impressed people will be to see them framed in your kitchen?

All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)

Help me be successful by leaving a review at your earliest convenience. Thank you! See you in class!

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What you'll learn

  • Learn the difference between a spice and herb
  • Learn specific herbs and spices history, medicinal use and culinary use
  • Learn the differences between salts on the market and salts for healing
  • Learn to cook delicious meals with specific herb and spice combinations
  • Learn a trade secret to flavoring all foods before you use spices and herbs
  • Learn how to make an herbal tincture or two for medicine


  • Love nature, love exploration, love the idea of cooking a great meal using herbs and spices

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of spices and herbs
  • This course is for anyone wanting a relationship with their food and the seasoning kingdom
  • This course of for those who wonder what to do with those mysterious spices in their cabinet they have no idea how to use
  • For those with a general interest in tinctures and herbal medicine (one or two examples in the course)
  • For those who want to brag to their friends and family that they are a "Master of Herbs and Spices" and Lord over the Seasoning Kingdom! :)

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Alternative Healing Therapist/Practitioner, Soul Care Provider, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapy Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator and Certified Minister of Peace with 20 Years in Practice!

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I have studied Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, have been Certified as a Minister of Peace, am a Certified International Natural Healer, Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Health Educator, and a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist.  My specialty has been combining rational goal setting and reason with addressing the spiritual, social needs of others and helping them sculpt their soul into who they want to become.

The most important part of all my education and experience is the act of being human and having lived (and suffered) in order to be able to help others. All the things that I teach I have lived through myself. Helping others gives my life meaning.

Something interesting about me: I'm an artist who makes miniatures, upcycle art, addicted to home design and creativity, rescue senior dogs, love Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Marathons and am a Star Trek Next Generation Fan (Nerd). I have written close to 20 books and In 2018 I spent the year traveling the US to find inspirational artists and view their work.

Thank you for choosing me as your instructor and I hope you continue to come back for more courses as I add them.

Sufani Garza, Place of Bliss Academy


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