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Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 with React Canvas and SocketIO


Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 with React Canvas and SocketIO

Create Collaborative Whiteboard App with React and SocketIO. Learn how to create, move and resize elements on Canvas

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Let's create amazing Application - Collaborative Whiteboard. Course is designed in the practical way. We will start from scratch and finish with complete application.

Main goal of this course is to play with technologies like ReactReduxJavaScriptSocketIO  and learn how to work with HTML Canvas in React. 

Thanks to SocketIO we will add some realtime effects to our application.

We will share our moves with other Users which will give us effect of Collaborative Whiteboard. At the end we will add tracking system for Cursors of all connected users to our App.

What we will learn through the course:

  • Creating React Application from scratch

  • Working with Redux State Management

  • Adding HTML Canvas to React Application

  • Handle Mouse Events to create new shapes

  • Use hooks to manage state of the Canvas

  • Creating RectanglesLines, Freehand drawings and Text

  • Adding functionality of moving and resizing elements

  • Creating SocketIO Server

  • EXTRA Collaborative part of sharing our actions on canvas with other Users

  • Sharing cursors with all connected users

Who this course is for:

  • New beginners to create amazing project

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create basics shapes on Canvas

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to share your actions with other users thanks to SocketIO

  • Anyone who wants to work with Canvas in React

  • Adding HTML Canvas to React Application

Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 | Udemy

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and Students which wants to learn how to create Collaborative Whiteboard

What you'll learn

Create Collaborative Whiteboard
Display Data On Canvas
Learn About HTML Canvas
Resize Element On Canvas
Move Elements On Canvas
Share Your Actions With Other Users Thanks To SocketIO
Create Sharing Cursor Functionality
Handle Mouse Events
Create UI With React
Create React Application From Scratch


Basic Programming Knowledge
JavaScript knowledge

My main goal is to improve as a developer  and share my knowledge. I am working as full stack web developer and my main interests are programming and boxing. I like learning new stuff and programming makes me happy when I can share my knowledge.

I will do my best to show you how you can create amazing apps.

Main goal of this course is to play with technologies like React, Redux, JavaScript, SocketIO and learn how to work with HTML Canvas in React.

Development of React happens in the open on GitHub, and we are grateful to the community for contributing bugfixes and improvements. Read below to learn how you can take part in improving React.

Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 | Udemy
  1. Carefully do the official tutorial.
  2. Read the official guide to main concepts.
  3. Read the official advanced guides.
  4. Watch building React from scratch to get an idea of how React actually works (this covers the "stack" reconciler which was used in React 15 and earlier).

Today, they use React partially, both in web and mobile applications. For example, the main page, Facebook Ads manager, and mobile app are built with React and React Native

Facebook. Facebook's website uses ReactJS as an integrated script in the application code. The mobile app is created with React Native, which is a framework of ReactJS and is responsible for displaying native iOS and Android components rather than DOM elements.

Highest salary that a React Developer can earn is ₹10.0 Lakhs per year (₹83.3k per month).
Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 | Udemy

These are the top skills of a React Developer based on 1069 jobs posted by employers.
  • Javascript.
  • React.Js.
  • HTML.
  • CSS.
  • Redux.

There are other things that are as important as your React skills when it comes to getting a React job. Working as a React developer is much more than writing React code. When you are in a recruiting process, you must show that you have as many of the relevant skills as possible.

Netflix uses ModeJs with the assistance of React for image synthesis. In this article, we have also incorporated a React Netflix clone project with source code which is also available on Netflix clone react js Github.

Collaborative Whiteboard 2023 | Udemy

Netflix also uses React, notably on their Gibbon platform, which is utilized for low-performance TV devices rather than the DOM used in web browsers. Significant reasons like notably start-up speed, runtime performance, and modularity made them choose React.

Like Netflix is using Reactjs to improve modularization, increasing the startup speed and runtime performance. So, these are some of the popular use cases of Angular and React from our side.

"React Youtube is a simple component acting as a thin layer over the YouTube IFrame Player API. It offers URL playback, playback event bindings and customizable player options."

Not only does Facebook itself use the framework, but so does Instagram, AirBnB, and Uber Eats. There are many other React Native examples too and you'll learn more about the companies using React Native in a moment.

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