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Manifesting Abundance for Healers and Psychics

1: Manifesting Abundance for Healers and Psychics

Attracting More Financial Success for Healers and Psychics using Manifestation and Clearing Blocks to Your Abundance

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Are you a healer or a psychic and struggling to earn enough money?

Are you just starting out or been running a psychic and healing business for a while but find that money is a constant frustration for you?

Or maybe you’re finding it hard to ask for payment and give away too many free sessions, or you can’t bring yourself to raise your prices..

Or you’re noticing that there’s just never enough money and when the money does show up, it disappears as quickly as it arrived!

If so, this course is perfect for you!

Healers and Psychics are by nature givers and nurturers.. and that can create so many obstacles when it comes to charging money for your beautiful services.

But there is a way to turn all of that around and it’s not as difficult as you think!

Join Clairvoyant Healer and Psychic Coach Sal Jade and Manifesting Mentor, Finance Adviser and Effectologist Miriam Castilla as they take you on journey to manifest more abundance and money in your healing and psychic business.

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By the end of this course you will discover how to: 

  • Become more magnetic to money and abundance as a healer and a psychic.

    Uncover what’s holding you back at the deepest of levels.. the unconscious level and switch that old money story for an abundant & empowering new one that will help your psychic and healing business thrive.

    Use your psychic and healing abilities to give money readings to not only help yourself, but also your clients.  

    Set up your basic money making system and help you answer the fundamental questions of business “How much money do I need to make?”  and “ How will I make it”

    Master some simple strategies for taking the emotion out of raising your prices

    Create a solid plan to keep up your newfound momentum and continue to manifest more money and abundance into your psychic and healing business.


This course if perfect for reiki practitioners, tarot readers, angel healer, palm readers, mediums, oracle card readers, kineselologists, energy healers, spiritual healers, naturopaths, clairvoyants, psychics, chakra healers, theta healers, cranio sacral therapists, and other types of healers and psychics creating and growing a business.

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This was an amazing course. When I first started the course the thinking about money scared me! But by the end of the course I'm thrilled to say I no longer get that fear in the pit of my stomach thinking about money and I'm excited now to learn more the financial aspects of running my business without fear!


I enjoyed this class. Gave me a lot to think about when it comes to my personal money issues. I didn't realize how much I was holding myself back. Learned simple ways to change my perspective and plan for abundance.


This is a good basic course on manifesting, money management and how to start and maintain a business. No matter how advanced we believe ourselves to be, there is always some blockage or obstacle we need to overcome and this course will help you with that endeavor!


There are so many people talk about money blocks and abundance but I love how they focus on healers or psychics. Great course, easy to follow


So if you’re ready to start manifesting more abundance and money as a psychic and healer - Miriam and Sal and sign up today!

What you'll learn

  • Clear Money Blocks to Attract More Abundance in Your Healing and Psychic Business
  • Heal Your Relationship with Money to Help Improve your Income for Your Healing and Psychic Services
  • Manifest More Money as a Psychic and a Healer
  • How to Give a Money Reading to Identify Money Blocks and How to Shift them
  • How to Make Your Money Work for You
  • Master Business Practicals with Money Tracking and Other Powerful Habits and Tools to improve your Income
  • How to Develop Healthy Money Habits
  • Heal any Resistance to Social Media Marketing or Promotion


  • This course is perfect for healers and psychics who are already trying to earn income from their healing and psychic services - or thinking of starting in the very near future

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Who this course is for:

  • Psychics and Healers who wish to clear their money blocks, attract more clients and heal their relationship with money so their healing and psychic business can thrive

    Sal Jade is a Bestselling Tarot Instructor and Intuitive Healing Coach with over 90,000 students enrolled in her courses globally & 14 years experience reading and teaching workshops professionally. 

She loves helping her students discover how to Read Tarot like an Expert, connect with their guides and angels in a safe way, how to use oracle cards and how to start and grow thriving Spiritual Businesses.

She also specialises in helping nervous psychics and healers heal blockages that  prevent them from tapping into their gifts and over the past 14 years she has helped thousands of her students shift their blocks and fears to starting successful psychic and healing careers.

Sal Jade


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