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Master Multiple Choice Tarot Readings with Confidence

1: Master Multiple Choice Tarot Readings with Confidence

Give Detailed and Accurate Multiple Choice Tarot Readings- for Professional Tarot Readers and Personal Spiritual Guidance

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Discover how to Master Multiple Choice Tarot Readings at a more Advanced Level with Sal Jade!

Have you tried giving multiple choice tarot readings- but get confused by knowing what is the most positive option or why some options seem too similar to give an accurate reading? 

Are you a professional Tarot reader and find that you attract lots of clients that want multiple choice readings- but find it overwhelming to offer more detailed readings using multiple choice spreads.

Would you like to feel more calm and centred when making personal decisionS when you have multiple options ? 

Tap into the BEST strategies to give accurate and insightful multiple choice readings with Master Multiple Choice Readings with Ease.

This course is perfect for professional tarot readers, and beginning readers who struggle with how to pick the most accurate multiple choice option when using the tarot.

It will also help you if you are struggling to make important decisions in your own life- and feel overwhelmed by having too many choices.

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By the end of this course you will know how to: 

Feel more confident giving advanced level multiple choice questions

Accurately do more detailed multiple choice readings

Identify which questions are best for 1 card multiple choice and which need more detailed multiple choice spreads

Overcome challenges with highest vs low option - when cards are the same number

Overcome common challenges with positive vs negative when you can't decide which number is the MOST positive.

Mange clients who want to ask life changing questions in a short period of time

Manage readings where your client urgently needs to make a decision between multiple options

Answer questions like Which House Should I buy? What job should I take- What business should I start? Which country should I move to And other life changing questions.

Call in the best guides and ascended masters to help you make important decisions when there are multiple options

Master court cards at a higher level with multiple choice readings

Feel more calm and centred when making your own decisions with multiple options

How to make important decision in your tarot business for better results.

This course is full of  practical activities and sample readings to help you confidently give your clients the Best and Highest Good option when they have multiple choices.

It also comes with a personalised Sal Jade Certificate from the Psychic Healing Academy! 

So if you are serious about improving your multiple choice tarot readings- whether you are a professional- or love to use the tarot for personal guidance- sign up today!

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What you'll learn

  • Give Basic Level and More Detailed Level Multiple Choice Tarot Readings with More Confidence
  • Understand how to give Higher Level and Advanced Multiple Choice Tarot Readings
  • Call In Special Guides and Ascended Masters to Help Rapidly Improve your Decision Making Processes
  • Feel more Calm When Making Important Decision with Multiple Options


  • You Must Have Taken Tarot Card Success or an Equivalent Beginner Level Tarot Course

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Tarot Readers Who Wish to Give Higher Level Multiple Choice Tarot Readings
  • Tarot Students who have already completed a beginner level Tarot Course

   Sal Jade is a Bestselling Tarot Instructor and Intuitive Healing Coach with over 90,000 students enrolled in her courses globally and 14 years experience reading and teaching workshops professionally. 

She loves helping her students discover how to Read Tarot like an Expert, connect with their guides and angels in a safe way, how to use oracle cards and how to start and grow thriving Spiritual Businesses.

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She also specialises in helping nervous psychics and healers heal blockages that  prevent them from tapping into their gifts and over the past 14 years she has helped thousands of her students shift their blocks and fears to starting successful psychic and healing careers.

Sal also LOVES to help her student build thriving tarot and healing careers!

     Sal's formal training includes a media and education degree and a diploma in education.

Before becoming a professional Intuitive Healer and Tarot Coach,  she was a secondary English, history and drama teacher. She has also run her own company teaching drama to primary and secondary children and loves writing plays for kids!

She has reached Bestseller on Udemy with all 11 of her courses and is also a qualified Angel Therapist and ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor

Sal been featured in Sprout magazine and at MindBodySpirit and Women's Expo and spoken at LadyPosse conference 2020

Sal's CV 

            Bachelor of Arts and Media Communications- 1997

Diploma of Education-2002 

            Graduate of Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Course 2005 

            Qualified as ThetaHealing Practitioner-2009 

            Qualified as ThetaHealing Instructor- 2012 

            Qualified as Liquid Crystal Practitioner 2013 

Sal Jade


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