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Professional Modern JavaScript - NEW for 2023

Professional Modern JavaScript - NEW for 2023

Learn all about Modern JavaScript - taught by a Microsoft MVP

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I've been teaching junior as well as expert developers JavaScript for over 15 years and have gathered a few tricks to make it an easy and smooth learning experience. I share those experiences with you.

  • You can feel confident about what JavaScript offers

  • You become a competent JavaScript developer

A lot of effort has gone into this course to make sure you get all the knowledge you need as quickly as possible.

Why JavaScript

JavaScript is quickly becoming the most popular programming language in use today. The rise of the internet means that it is an ideal programming language that you can use to solve any coding challenge on any device.

JavaScript has undergone significant evolution since it was created over 3 decades ago. This course is designed to teach you modern JavaScript without having to go through the suffering of following the language and going from a toy to something amazing.

Why this course

I'm a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for JavaScript/TypeScript thanks to my teaching contributions in the form of books, various videos and answers on StackOverflow.

A key objective is to present the information that allows you to safely, easily and enjoyable use JavaScript without boring you with portions of JavaScript that no one uses in quality production code.

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What you'll learn

Confidently use JavaScript in your day to day job
Learn the Basics of JavaScript
Master advanced JavaScript concepts
Learn Asynchronous JavaScript with Promises and async/await
Learn new features of modern JavaScript
Stay up to date with best JavaScript practices
Learn about JavaScript modules


Beginner programming knowledge

Who this course is for:

Programmers looking to master JavaScript

Been using TypeScript since inception (2012) and lead quite a few TypeScript teams, creating various high profile OSS TypeScript projects. Top contributor for TypeScript on StackOverflow. Microsoft MVP for TypeScript, Cypress (testing framework) Ambassador, Book Author, YouTuber and all around Developer Empathiser.

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Here sharing the knowledge and learnings of TypeScript / ReactJS / AngularJS / JavaScript development.

What is JavaScript?
We are not going to mess your mind with the “Wikipedia-like” explanations of programming. Moreover, it might be obvious that JavaScript is a programming language, isn’t it?

But what is it made for?
JavaScript is used for making web-pages “alive” and interactive. Programs, written with JavaScript are called scripts. Since scripts are directly connected to HTML, they are immediately executed as soon as the page is loaded in your browser. Truth be told, scripts are the plain text. That means they don’t need any additional or preliminary development. And this feature is what differs JavaScript from Java programming language.

Why is it called JavaScript, you may ask. At the very beginning, it had an alternative name – LiveScript. But at that time, Java was very popular as a programming language and marketers decided to create the similar naming in order to attract more users. Planned to be a part of Java, JS was growing rapidly and now became an independent programming language with its own ECMAScript specification.

When it comes to front-end development, we in GBKSOFT use JavaScript language, Node.js environment and AngularJS framework. The last two are frameworks that are written by using JavaScrip language.

Have a new project in mind but not sure whether JavaSript should be used for it? Our professionals can give you an advice.

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What you can make with JavaScript
Modern JavaScript is a safe and secure programming language. Partly because it does not provide low-level tools and does not have access to low-level resources like working with memory or processor. In fact, JS was initially focused on browsers and interaction within browsers only. And the browser space is separated from OS, that’s why JavaScript is playing on the safe side.

However, over the time developers started to apply JavaScript outside of the browser space. That’s why the possibilities of JavaScript now depend only on the environment where it’s running. When it’s running in the browser, JavaScript is able to proceed anything related to web page manipulations, users’ interactions and interactions with the server (to some extent).

Create new HTML tags, delete existing ones, change elements style, show or hide elements etc.
React on users activity such as mouse movements and clicks, typing on a keyboard etc.
Send request to the server and download data without reloading the page (AJAX technology).
Receive and set up cookies, request data, display messages etc.
Lots of other features and possibilities.

Though JavaScript is fast and powerful, it’s still limited by the browser’s performance. But don’t judge it, as the purpose of these restrictions is users safety. They keep hackers away from getting personal data and harming users’ computer. These restrictions are absent anywhere beyond the browser, for example, on the server. Moreover, modern browsers allow to install plugins and extensions but still require users actions and permission to get installed.

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