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Software Testing Bootcamp (2023): From Beginner to Expert

Software Testing Bootcamp (2023): From Beginner to Expert

Basic Concepts in Test and Test Scenarios and Java and Selenium WebDriver and Web/Mobile/API Tests and JIRA and Interview Questions Software Testing Bootcamp (2023): From Beginner to Expert

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 Topics Covered in the Course

Part 1: Introduction


•What is Software Testing?

Part 2: Basic Concepts

•SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

•SDLC Models

•STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)

•The 7 Principles of Software Testing

•Software Tester's Career Path

•Basic Concepts Evaluation Questions

Part 3: Types of Software Testing


•Manual Testing

•Automation Testing

•Comparison of Manual Testing and Automation Testing

•White Box Testing

•Black Box Testing and Black Box Test Techniques

•Functional Tests & Non-Functional Tests

•Unit Testing

• Integration Testing

•System Testing

•Acceptance Testing

•Test Types Evaluation Questions

Part 4 : Preparation of Test Scenarios

• What is the Test Scenario?

• Let's Create a Template for Test Scenarios

•Test Scenario – Practice

•Test Scenarios Evaluation Questions

Part 5 : Web, Mobile, and API Tests

•What i Web Testing?

•Web Test – Practice

•What is Mobile Testing?

•Android Studio and Emulator Settings

•Mobile Test – Practice

•What is API and Postman?

• HTTP Status Codes and Request-Response Structure

• Let's Install Postman

• API Testing with Postman – Practice

•Web, Mobile, and API Tests Evaluation Questions

Part 6: Introduction to Java

•What is Java?

•Installing Java and Intellij IDEA

•Hello World!






•if -else if - else

•Java Evaluation Questions

Part 7 : Selenium WebDriver

•What is Selenium WebDriver ?

•Adding Selenium WebDriver

•Driver Initialization

•Selenium WebDriver Commands

•Element Operations -1

•Element Operations -2

•Element Operations -3

•Element Operations with Tool

•Project : Let's Write  Automation

•Selenium WebDriver Evaluation Questions

Part 8 : JIRA

•What is JIRA?

•JIRA Membership and Project Creation

•Issue Creation and Assignment Procedures

•Issue Creation and Customization

• Customizing the 'Issue Type' Screen

•Various Features -1

•Various Features -2

•Various Features -3

•JIRA Evaluation Questions

Part 9 : Interview Questions

• Interview Questions


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