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Diploma Emergency Medical Care Physiology 1.9.6 Cardio 1/4

Diploma Emergency Medical Care Physiology 1.9.6 Cardio 1/4

Cardiology relates to Health & FitnessTeaching & Academics ... Cardiac Pacemakers- Part 1 ... Diploma Emergency Medical Care Physiology 1.9.6 Cardio 1/4.


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  • Blood cell production
  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Blood groups

This is non-affiliated tutoring on the subject of senses.

It does not aim to replace classes and won't do the studying for you, it is just made to provide some revision, a slightly different perspective and hopefully show you how very cool physiology is. As such the course might not cover everything you have to know completely, or it might add information that you will never be tested on, but that might make it easier to remember.

Cardiovascular 1/4 contains:

•Blood cell production

•Red blood cells

•White blood cells

•Blood groups

Cardiovascular 2/4 contains:


•Cardiovascular system organization

•Electrical properties of the heart

•Cardiac cycle and heart sounds

Cardiovascular 3/4 contains:
•Contractile properties of cardiac muscle

•Haemodynamics of blood flow

•Characteristics of systemic arterial circulation

•Circulation through systemic arterioles. Capillaries and venous circulation

Cardiovascular 4/4 contains:

•Characteristics of the lymphatic system

•The integrated regulation of the cardiovascular system

•The characteristics of blood circulation through different organs

This is the first of four lectures that cover Cardio. This is still a new endeavour and feedback is appreciated. If you enjoyed the course, please leave a rating and share it with fellow students. I hope that with sufficient enrollment, I can reduce the price of these classes to make them more accessible to everyone that needs them.
Furthermore, there is an article on immunity and lifestyle factors at the end of the course. This is not information you need to look at, it is simply added to show the positive effects of leading an active lifestyle on health.

INSTRUCTOR -- > Arnoldeen de Vos

PhD Physiology, registered teacher (senior and FET)

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