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Flutterflow / Firebase 2023 (Tinder clone)

Flutterflow / Firebase 2023 (Tinder clone)

Tinder clone developed with flutterflow and firebase and Stripe payments ... Create a tinder clone with Flutterflow (2023)


We will see the basic concepts of flutterflow and firebase. In the first block of the course. Then we will prepare some small backend with Firebase Functions, and with all the firebase libraries, using the programming language of Javascript.  And then we will develop a full Tinder Clone with chat, swipes, matches, breaking matches functionality and even payments (using Stripe). Also along the course Chatgpt will be introduced and used as an assistant while we work. Here I Present you all the lectures that are included in this course:

  1. Presentation and creation of first project

  2. Create a firebase project and enable services

  3. Explore firebase services

  4. Connect firebase and flutterflow

  5. Pages and navigation

  6. Navigation by actions

  7. Navigation with lateral menu

  8. Navigate to child page

  9. Read data from firestore

  10. Create object in firestore

  11. Delete an object from firestore

  12. Update a firestore document

  13. Create a component

  14. Version control

  15. Login

  16. Sign Up

  17. Google Auth

  18. Reset Password

  19. Upload images

  20. Update image url

  21. Upload video

  22. Conditionals

  23. API Calls

  24. Layout columns rows

  25. Layout with containers

  26. Layout with listview

  27. Layout with gridview

  28. Pass data to component by parameters

  29. Tinder: authentication and my profile

  30. Tinder: add description

  31. Tinder: swipeable stack

  32. Tinder: icons in swipeable

  33. Tinder: firebase change plan

  34. Tinder: needed tools

  35. Tinder: Firebase functions setup

  36. Tinder: Firestore functions conection

  37. Tinder: Version control and clone of a project

  38. Tinder: function of I like a person

  39. Tinder: Test API Call Post

  40. Tinder: API Call integration in an action

  41. Tinder: Query people that likes me

  42. Tinder: Query subcollection they like me

  43. Tinder: Detail of person who likes me

  44. Tinder: I don't like a person

  45. Tinder: backend logic for a match

  46. Tinder: integration API Call of create match

  47. Tinder: create component for user item chat

  48. Tinder: chat conversation page

  49. TInder: chat page layout

  50. TInder: chat BBDD design

  51. TInder: backend generate chat doc

  52. Tinder: custom functions generate chat Id

  53. TInder: how to debug errors

  54. TInder chat behaviour implementation

  55. TInder: chat item improvement

  56. TInder: adding circle image

  57. Tinder: break match logic

  58. Tinder: final test

  59. Stripe

  60. Stripe: firebase permissions

  61. Stripe: deploy functions and put credentials

  62. Stripe: create api call to create customers

  63. Stripe: integrate payment flow in app

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