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Game Dev Kickstart: 2D Game Development Using LibGDX and Java

Game Dev Kickstart: 2D Game Development Using LibGDX and Java

The Game Dev Kickstart course is very comprehensive and is full of extremely valuable information for creating incredible 2D games using LibGDX ...


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  • Create stunning cross-platform 2D games with LibGDX and Java
  • Learn best practices for using LibGDX
  • Handle keyboard and touch input from the player
  • Create a games with multi-screen functionality
  • Create a fully functional game from the ground up
  • Render and animate game characters
  • Add sounds and music to a game

Do you want to learn how to create amazing video games for FREE with LibGDX?

I'm Brandon and I'm going to help you master LibGDX by creating a complete and fully functional cross-platform 2D video game.

LibGDX is a free and open-source game development framework. Game development frameworks are collections of libraries and tools that provide building blocks that developers can use to create their own games, and are more lightweight and flexible than game engines, like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

LibGDX also provides cross-platform deployment, meaning that a game created with LibGDX can be run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and web browsers.

(NOTE: This course requires at least a basic knowledge of the Java programming language. I'm currently in the process of adding a short Java crash course to this course, but until then, please be aware that you will need to know some Java in order to get the most out of this course. Taking a short 2-3 hour Java course on YouTube should be more than enough.)

The Game Dev Kickstart course is very comprehensive and is full of extremely valuable information for creating incredible 2D games using LibGDX. We'll begin by installing the JDK (Java Development Kit) and the IntelliJ IDEA IDE, which we'll be using to write the code for our game. After that, we'll jump right into learning all about LibGDX by creating a complete 2D fighting game called Stick Figure Showdown. Among the dozens of topics we will be covering throughout the course, we'll learn how to:

  • draw images to the screen and animate them

  • manage assets (images, audio, etc.) using an asset manager

  • work with cameras and viewports for full control over how our game appears on different screen resolutions

  • handle keyboard and touch input from the player

  • generate fonts using the Freetype extension

  • display a HUD (Heads-Up Display)

  • create and use texture atlases for enhanced performance

  • add text and clickable buttons to the screen

  • add sound and music to our game

  • add AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the opponent fighter

  • create and switch between various types of screens (main menu, settings, etc.)

  • use Scene2D for more efficient UI (User Interface) layout

  • allow the player to change and save various settings of the game (difficulty, fullscreen mode, etc.)

  • EXTRA: add Android functionality to our game!

You'll also get access to all of the resources and code for the projects in this course!

So what are you waiting for? Join now and let's start developing games today!

INSTRUCTOR -- > Brandon Grant

Graphic Designer, Game Developer, and English Teacher

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.