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Medical Terminology -MCQ Practice Exam/Quiz - 200+ Questions

Medical Terminology -MCQ Practice Exam/Quiz - 200+ Questions

Medical terminology is a crucial aspect of healthcare professions, enabling effective communication among healthcare professionals and ensuring accurate documentation. 


To reinforce your understanding of medical terms and improve your knowledge, practicing with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) is an effective strategy. In this article, we present a comprehensive practice exam/quiz consisting of over 200 MCQs covering a wide range of medical terminology topics. These questions will test your knowledge and help you prepare for exams, certifications, or simply enhance your understanding of medical language.

Note: This practice exam/quiz is intended for educational purposes only. It is not an official certification exam but a valuable resource to reinforce your medical terminology skills.


Read each question carefully.

Select the most appropriate answer from the options provided.

After answering a question, compare your response with the correct answer.

Keep track of your score to assess your progress.

Take note of any areas where you need to improve your understanding.

Medical Terminology - MCQ Practice Exam/Quiz:

Section 1: Prefixes and Suffixes

Which prefix means "within"?

a) Exo-

b) Endo-

c) Peri-

d) Meta-

Which suffix means "inflammation"?

a) -itis

b) -oma

c) -algia

d) -emia

The prefix "hemi-" means:

a) Half

b) All

c) Two

d) None

Section 2: Body Systems

4. The trachea is a part of which body system?

a) Respiratory system

b) Cardiovascular system

c) Nervous system

d) Digestive system

Which of the following organs is part of the urinary system?

a) Liver

b) Kidneys

c) Pancreas

d) Gallbladder

The cerebellum is a component of which body system?

a) Muscular system

b) Skeletal system

c) Nervous system

d) Endocrine system

Section 3: Medical Abbreviations

7. What does CPR stand for?

a) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

b) Computerized tomography

c) Complete blood count

d) Cerebrovascular accident

The abbreviation "NPO" stands for:

a) No problem observed

b) Nothing per os (nothing by mouth)

c) Non-proliferative retinopathy

d) Nasopharyngeal obstruction

What does the abbreviation "IM" represent in medical terminology?

a) Intramuscular

b) Intravenous

c) Intraocular

d) Intracranial

Section 4: Medical Conditions and Procedures

10. What is the medical term for high blood pressure?

a) Hypotension

b) Tachycardia

c) Hypertension

d) Bradycardia

What is the surgical removal of the gallbladder called?

a) Cholecystectomy

b) Gastrectomy

c) Appendectomy

d) Colectomy

Which condition is characterized by the inflammation of the joints?

a) Arthritis

b) Asthma

c) Anemia

d) Alzheimer's disease

Section 5: Miscellaneous

13. What is the medical term for the voice box?



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