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Your First Game in Gamemaker

Your First Game in Gamemaker

Learn how to create a Mario inspired platform game from scratch using Gamemaker's simple GML Visual language


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  • Learn the basics of working within Gamemaker, one of the best tools for making 2D games
  • Code a player character that moves, jumps, shoots and can jump on enemies heads while collecting powerups and coins
  • Create enemy creatures which have specific behavior allowing some to chase and damage the player
  • Produce a complete game with a title screen, multiple levels, room intro names, transitions, particle effects, checkpoints and sounds

Have you ever wanted to create your own game?  Well this course will show you how to create a small platform game using Gamemakers super intuitive GML Visual codeblock system.  You can have a cool game up and running in a matter of hours, and you can then export it as a stand alone game to share with friends, or upload it to Gamemaker's community GX games website for the world to play.

You will learn how to create a player character and implement a simple collision system so they can then run, jump on enemies, break blocks, shoot their wand, collect powerups and break mystery blocks in order to complete the level.  You will learn how to add multiple enemies who will chase and challenge the player.

You will then learn how to create multiple levels and how to set up smooth fading transitions between those levels.  We add player lives, checkpoints, particle effects, sounds and then finally we then add a title sequence, to give your game a professional feel.

The course is presented by Peter Morgan, who has been using Gamemaker for over 10 years.  He created the highly rated Udemy "How to Make Tile Based Games in Gamemaker" course, and which is still one of the highest rated Gamemaker courses on Udemy.  He also creates tutorials directly for Opera's Gamemaker Youtube page, as well as his own successful Slyddar channel, and is also an official Gamemaker Coach with Opera's Gamemaker coaching program.

INSTRUCTOR -- > Peter Morgan

Game Maker, Mobile Developer and Teacher

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.