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The MERN Stack Blogify Project: Web Development [2023]

The MERN Stack Blogify Project: Web Development Harnessing MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js for Powerful Web Applications

You'll learn

  • User Authentication: Learn how to implement secure user registration and login processes using strategies like password hashing and JSON Web Tokens.
  • File Upload: Understand how to allow users to upload files like profile pictures or post attachments securely and efficiently.
  • User Relationships: Learn to implement social features such as following and unfollowing other users
  • User Blocking: Implement a blocking and unblocking system, allowing users to manage who can interact with them or see their content.
  • Post Scheduling: Gain knowledge on how to implement post scheduling, enabling users to create content that will be automatically published at a specified future
  • User Profile: Learn to create a user profile system where users can view and manage their personal information, posts, and social interactions.
  • Password Reset: Understand the process of securely implementing password reset functionality, allowing users to recover their accounts when they forget
  • Forgot Password: Implement a secure system to recover forgotten passwords, which involves sending recovery emails to users' registered email addresses.
  • Account Verification: Learn how to implement a user verification system using technologies like email verification to ensure that users have valid email address
  • Profile Update: Enable users to update their profile information such as username, email, profile picture, and password.
  • Hide Posts from Blocked Users: Learn how to modify your application's visibility rules to hide a user's posts from those they have blocked.
  • Hide Scheduled Posts: Understand how to effectively hide scheduled posts from your application's feed until their scheduled publishing time arrives.
  • Pagination: Gain a practical understanding of how to implement pagination in a web application. Learn how to break down your data into manageable pieces
  • Filtering: Understand the essential techniques of implementing data filtering.
  • Searching: Master the process of integrating a robust search functionality into your web application.

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