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Generative AI with Google - Bard, PaLM API and Google Cloud

Start your Generative AI journey today with Google Bard, PaLM API & Google Cloud Generative AI Studio

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the basics of Generative AI
  • Learn about the different types of Generative AI
  • Understand how Generative AI works
  • Apply Generative AI to real-world problems
  • Learn how to use Google's Bard, PaLM API, and Google Cloud to create Generative AI content


  • Some experience with programming
I'm here to help you learn Generative AI Fundamentals!

Do you think learning Generative AI is DIFFICULT? What if I can prove you WRONG?

Learn Generative AI, AI and ML Fundamentals in a WEEKEND!

Take your FIRST STEPS into the amazing world of Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using a HANDS-ON step by step approach.

BEGINNERS to cloud, AI and ML are WELCOME!

5 Things YOU need to know about this Generative AI Course

#1: HANDS-ON - The best way to learn Generative AI Fundamentals is to get your hands dirty!
#3: MULTI-CLOUD INSTRUCTOR - MORE THAN 100,000 Learners are learning AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with us
#4: FREE Downloadable PDF
#5: 5 FREE Downloadable Python Notebook Examples

Generative AI is the future of artificial intelligence. It is the ability of machines to create new content, such as images, text, and music, that is indistinguishable from human-created content. As this domain gains momentum, its potential applications are boundless.

A number of developers think that understanding and making use of Generative AI needs in-depth knowledge of AI and ML. But guess what? That couldn't be further from the truth!

I'm Ranga Karanam. I'm the founder of in28minutes and creator of some of the worlds most popular courses on Cloud and DevOps. I've helped more than a million learners around the world acquire new tech skills.

In this course, we will break down the misconception that Generative AI is difficult and guide you through the journey of embracing Generative AI with confidence.

I'm a great believer that the best way to learn is by doing and we designed this course to be hands-on. You will play with a number of Generative AI services - Bard, PALM API, Generative AI Studio, MakerSuite and a lot more. You will also understand the fundamentals of AI, ML and how Generative AI fits into the AI/ML world.

By the end of the course, you will NOT only understand how to become more productive using Generative AI but also understand how to make integrate Generative AI into your applications.

While some programming knowledge is beneficial, no prior experience in generative AI is necessary.

Are you ready to get started on the amazing journey to learn Generative AI with Google technologies?

Do you want to join more than 1 MILLION learners having Amazing Learning Experiences with in28Minutes?

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about Generative AI
Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.