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Google 助理級雲端工程師 ACE - GCP 練習測驗 - 中英文詳解

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has become a leading choice for organizations seeking scalable, reliable, and flexible cloud computing solutions. To validate one's proficiency in GCP, Google offers the Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification. This article aims to provide a detailed guide and explanation in both Chinese and English for the practice test designed for aspiring Google Cloud Assistant-level Cloud Engineers.

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Section 1: Overview of the ACE - GCP Certification:

The Associate Cloud Engineer certification is designed for individuals with hands-on experience with GCP technologies and services. The certification tests the candidate's ability to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. It covers a wide range of topics, including computing, storage, machine learning, networking, security, and more.


Google 助理級雲端工程師 (ACE) - GCP 認證旨在考察個人在 GCP 技術和服務方面的實際經驗。該認證測試候選人在 Google Cloud 平台上部署應用程序、監控操作並管理企業解決方案的能力。它涵蓋了多個主題,包括計算、存儲、機器學習、網絡、安全等。

Section 2: Structure of the Practice Test:

The practice test for the ACE - GCP certification is structured to simulate the actual exam experience. It consists of multiple-choice questions, scenario-based questions, and hands-on labs. Each question is designed to assess specific skills and knowledge related to GCP services and functionalities.


ACE - GCP 認證的練習測驗被結構化為模擬實際考試經驗。它包含多個選擇題、基於場景的問題和實際操作實驗。每個問題都旨在評估與 GCP 服務和功能相關的特定技能和知識。

Section 3: Domain-wise Breakdown:

To excel in the ACE - GCP certification, candidates must have a deep understanding of various domains. The practice test covers key domains such as Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Development, Operations, and more. Let's explore each domain in detail.


要在 ACE - GCP 認證中表現出色,候選人必須對各個領域有深刻的理解。練習測驗涵蓋了基礎設施、網絡、安全、開發、運營等關鍵領域。讓我們詳細探討每個領域。


This domain assesses the candidate's knowledge of GCP's core infrastructure services, including Compute Engine, App Engine, and Kubernetes Engine. Questions may cover topics such as virtual machines, storage options, and scalability.


這一領域評估候選人對 GCP 核心基礎設施服務的了解,包括 Compute Engine、App Engine 和 Kubernetes Engine。問題可能涉及虛擬機器、存儲選項和擴展性等主題。


Candidates are tested on their ability to design and implement GCP networking solutions. This includes knowledge of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud DNS, and other networking components.


候選人被測試其設計和實施 GCP 網絡解決方案的能力。這包括對虛擬私有雲(VPC)、雲負載平衡、雲 DNS 和其他網絡組件的知識。


Security is a critical aspect of cloud computing. Questions in this domain focus on identity and access management, data encryption, and securing GCP resources. Understanding IAM roles and policies is crucial for success in this section.


安全是雲計算的關鍵方面。這一領域的問題聚焦於身份和訪問管理、數據加密以及保護 GCP 資源。理解 IAM 角色和策略對於在本節中取得成功至關重要。


This domain evaluates a candidate's proficiency in deploying and managing applications on GCP. Topics include Cloud Functions, App Engine, and containerized applications using Kubernetes.


這一領域評估候選人在 GCP 上部署和管理應用程序的能力。主題包括 Cloud Functions、App Engine 和使用 Kubernetes 容器化應用程序。


Efficiently managing and monitoring GCP resources is the focus of the Operations domain. Questions may cover topics such as Stackdriver, Logging, Monitoring, and deploying solutions for efficient resource utilization.


高效地管理和監控 GCP 資源是運營領域的重點。問題可能涉及 Stackdriver、日誌記錄、監控以及部署解決方案以實現資源的有效利用。

Section 4: Sample Questions with Detailed Explanations:

To aid candidates in their preparation, let's provide a few sample questions along with detailed explanations in both Chinese and English.



Question: 什麼是 GCP 中的 Compute Engine?

Explanation: Compute Engine 是 GCP 提供的一種基於虛擬機器的計算服務。它允許用戶在 GCP 上運行虛擬機器,提供靈活且可擴展的計算資源。


Question: 如何在 GCP 中實現跨多個區域的網絡連接?

Explanation: 可以通過配置全球性的 VPC 來實現跨多個區域的網絡連接。這使得不同區域的資源可以在同一個虛擬私有雲中互相通信。


Question: 什麼是 GCP 中的 IAM?

Explanation: IAM(身份和訪問管理)是 GCP 中用於管理資源訪問權限的服務。通過 IAM,用戶可以指定哪些資源可以被訪問,以及被訪問的方式。


Question: 如何在 GCP 上部署一個 Serverless 應用?

Explanation: 在 GCP 中,可以使用 Cloud Functions 來實現 Serverless 部署。Cloud Functions 允許用戶編寫單一功能的代碼,而無需關心底層基礎設施。


Question: 如何使用 Stackdriver 監控 GCP 資源的性能?

Explanation: Stackdriver 是 GCP 提供的監控和診斷平台。通過配置 Stackdriver,可以實時監控資源的性能,並收集日誌以進行進一步的分析。

Section 5: Preparation Tips:

Study the Official Documentation:

Familiarize yourself with the official GCP documentation. It provides in-depth information on each service, best practices, and use cases.

Hands-on Practice:

Utilize GCP's free tier to gain hands-on experience. Create projects, deploy resources, and explore the functionalities to reinforce your learning.

Online Courses and Tutorials:

Enroll in online courses and tutorials offered by reputable platforms. Many platforms provide structured courses specifically designed for GCP certification preparation.

Join Community Forums:

Engage with the GCP community through forums and discussion groups. Share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from others who have already obtained the certification.

Practice Tests:

Regularly take practice tests to assess your knowledge and identify areas that need improvement. This helps in building confidence and improving time management during the actual exam.


Achieving the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification is a significant milestone in validating your skills as a cloud professional. Through comprehensive preparation, hands-on experience, and a thorough understanding of GCP services, you can confidently approach the ACE - GCP certification exam and enhance your career prospects in cloud computing. Best of luck on your certification journey!

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