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Modern Product Engineering | Development - from 0 to 1

Product Development, AI Use Cases for Value, DevOps and Shift Left, Infrastructure and Orchestration, Agile deliveries

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What you'll learn

  • The complete SDLC Lifecycle
  • Inception of project
  • Financing and the money behind projects
  • AI and Generative AI
  • 5 examples of using AI to Automate and Gain value
  • Infrastructure best practices
  • DevOps - Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration
  • Production Monitoring and User Insights
  • Closing the loop - from Operations to Product
  • Best Practices in Agile
  • Rapid deliveries with 0 Down time
  • Feature Flagging - A/B Testing
  • Deployment - Blue Green and Canary
  • Discovery and Refinement for any product
  • Modern software engineering and rapid shipping


  • Basic understanding of the notion of a product
  • Basic software development lifecycle knowledge
  • Basic agile understanding
  • Curiosity and willingness to see how software comes to life.

Welcome to this great and hands on material on Modern Product Development. This is a beginner level material that is focused on explaining the engineering and best practices that high performing engineering teams apply when developing world class products.

The course is designed for both software engineers and people that have just started in the IT world, and the main focus is to break down the entire lifecycle of the product as well as the most modern approaches to technology from the moment the decision is taken to fund the project until it goes into production and beyond.

There will be practical demos and a showcase of tools that will make this possible, all by leveraging the latest technologies such as Cloud, Devops and AI.

Some of the aspects that will be discussed are:

1. Hands on Demo with: Miro, Jira, Trello, GitHub, VS Code and continuous integration, continuous testing and DevOps pipelines.

2. The decision to create the product. Focus on budget and vision of the software that needs to be created.

3. Practical Example of how to integrate AI to launch the product faster and to have better quality.

4. Discovery and Refinement. We will understand how complex business goals are broken down in smaller usable epics and stories

5. Product Architecture. What makes a great architected product and what are the constraints that engineers consider when defining the architecture.

6. UI/UX – What is experience and look and feel.

7. Development. Modern software development activities, great code, continuous integration and branching strategies for easy to manage dependencies.

8. Testing. In this chapter the focus is on how to test early, how to avoid the waterfall trap to testing, the shift left approach and preventive actions.

9. Infrastructure. What is infrastructure as code, how to use the most of your environment while reducing cost and how is cloud helping companies be on top of their game.

10. Deployment. What it is, how its done, shift right and testing in production, as well as 0 downtime deployment with reverting options.

11. Monitoring in production. Here we will understand how user behavior understanding as well as application monitoring contributes to the overall success of the project.

Take this material and open the door to modern product engineering, understand how great team work together to achieve high performance.

Who this course is for:

  • People that have just reconverted from another domain to Software development
  • Experienced engineers that want to understand product development better
  • Any person involved in software development that wants to understand how to work in a modern way
  • Any person in the software field

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