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Accredited Therapist Certificate: Memory Coach Masterclass

Accredited Therapist Certificate: Memory Coach Masterclass

Counsellors, Therapists, Life Coaches Specialization. Fully Accredited Certificate Accredited Therapist Certificate: Memory Coach Masterclass

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What you'll learn

  • Define how adults and children process information and how it affects learning and memory retention
  • Understand how the Human Mental Survival Needs affect our ability to collect, process, and store information
  • Define the Mental Obstacles to collecting, processing, and storing information in the brain
  • Understand how the Automatic Stress Response affects the collecting, processing, and storing of information
  • Define Active Learner Engagement and how it affects information processing
  • Understand the important, yet misunderstood, difference between Learning Characteristics and Learning Styles
  • Define the difference between Learning Disabilities and Learning Barriers
  • Understand how Learning Disabilities (LD’s) Reflect Memory Difficulties
  • Understand how Human Attention Span affects Memory an collection of information
  • Define different types of Memory
  • Understand and practice Effective Memory Techniques
  • Master the Habits and Traits of Quick Learners
  • Understand how Personality Determines How You Learn
  • Understand and master Memory Strategies
  • Understand and master Rehearsal Strategies


  • No skills required

This Fully Accredited Course is the one course that explains the things that other memory courses don't.

That is because other courses provide you with many techniques on collecting and storing information, which is great, but very few, if any, discuss:

  • why people struggle with the retention of information
  • What factors prevent successful information processing and retention
  • How personality affects the collection and processing of information
  • How learning styles and learning characteristics affect information gathering, processing, and storing.

If factors these are not clearly understood, now Memory Technique will be completely successful, ever!

To increase your Memory, you need to know how memory works.

You need to understand how the human mind collects and processes information before it stores that information. Although the human brain works the same in general, every individual is different when it comes to the way we filter information, process information, and absorb information. It is crucial that you understand the important factors preventing you from processing and absorbing new information.

The moment that you understand this, your life will change!


You see, the moment you understand how the mind absorbs information, and how it is stored, your memory will greatly increase. If you understand what prevents you from learning, you understand why you struggle to memorize content and how to overcome it.

Understand your Mind. Boost your Memory.

Think of it this way:

Before something can be stored in the Short-Term Memory, it must be learned. Even something like a street address. It must be repeated or written down where you can see it as a reminder. Then, after some more repetition, it moves from the Short-Term to the Long-Term Memory where it is stored for a long time.

So, for something to exist in your memory, whether short-term or long-term, it must be learned first, right?

But there are some factors that interfere with our ability to store something in the Short-Term and Long-Term Memory. These factors hinder your thinking and concentration, and in turn limit your ability to absorb new information.

In fact, some of these factors can block the processing of information completely.

There are many books and courses on Memory Techniques, but very few on how the human mind really processes information,  what factors interfere with information processing, and factors that limit information absorption.

This is the course you have been waiting for!

The one course that discusses the very important, yet completely overlooked factors, that play an important role in your ability to learn.

As mentioned, something must first be learned before it can be stored in memory.

What are the barriers to effective learning which, in turn, affect both Short-Term and Long-Term Memory.

Join me on this great discovery as I share more than 30 years of research, knowledge and skill from adult education.

Who this course is for:

  • Counsellors and Therapists looking to expand their field of expertise to include Memory Specialization
  • Life Coaches looking to expand their field of expertise to include Memory Specialization
  • Working Adults in All Sectors, who want to expand their memory capabilities.
  • Students of all ages who want to boost their memory retention skills and highly improve results
  • Every person who want to boost their memory in general

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