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Build Scalable Applications using Docker and Kubernetes

A Practical Step by Step guide to build a Scalable Microservices Application Build Scalable Applications using Docker and Kubernetes

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What you'll learn

  • Learn the concepts of Containers and Docker
  • Use Docker to Containerize an Application
  • Create Multi-container Applications using Docker Compose
  • Learn the concepts of Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Create a REST API Server in a Kubernetes Pod
  • Expose your Application using Kubernetes Service
  • Manage Application Revisions and Scalability using Kubernetes Deployment
  • Persist the state of your Application using Kubernetes Persistent Volume
  • Manage Configuration Changes to your Kubernetes Application using ConfigMap and Portainer
  • Learn and apply the concepts of Microservices and Independent Deployability


  • Basic Programming and Problem Solving Knowledge
  • Knowledge of one general purpose programming language
  • Basic knowledge of Web Development
  • Optional: Basic knowledge of PHP and Python
Did you want to start learning Application Containerization, Docker, and Kubernetes but did not know where to start? Do you want something that is not just theroy, but rather a journey where you create and run an actual Application?

Then this course is for you. You will learn the concepts of Containers and how to put them to practice using Docker and Kubernetes. Better yet, you will build a Microservices Application in this course as you learn and apply the new concepts.
  • Course Objectives
  • Application Containerization
  • Multi-container Docker Applications
  • Kubernetes as a Container Orchestrator
  • Manage Applications using Kubernetes
  • Configure Applications using Kubernetes
  • Learn and apply the concepts of Microservices

You will build this Application

  • A Two-Tier Microservices Application which has
  • A PHP Web Front End
  • A Flask REST API Server Backend
  • Fully scalable, ready to scale up or down
  • Implemented in a Microservices Architecture, allowing Independent Deployability and Independent Scalability of each tier
  • Persist Important data on the server, even if the Application crashes
  • Apply all the concepts you will learn as you build this Application bit by bit
  • Technology used in the Application
  • The Frontend tier is built with PHP, HTML, CSS
  • The Backend tier is a REST API Server written in the Flask Python Framework
  • Containerize each tier in its own Docker Container Image
  • Build the end-to-end application using Docker, then using Kubernetes
  • Learn what Kubernetes adds on top of Docker to better manage your application

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who want to run containerized workloads using Kubernetes and Docker
  • Solution Architects who want to create scalable, multi-tier, containerized applications
  • Technical Specialists who want to learn and apply the concepts of Microservices and Independent Deployability

Courses to get you started -- > Build Scalable Applications using Docker and Kubernetes

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