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Delphi Practical Advanced Course With SQL

Take your Delphi skills to the next level with object oriented skills as well as learning some SQL Delphi Practical Advanced Course With SQL

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What you'll learn

  • Advanced Array Concepts
  • 2 Dimensional Arrays
  • User Defined Objects
  • SQL
  • Using SQL in Delphi
  • Multi - Table Scenarios


  • Basic Knowledge Of Delphi. Preferably continuing from our Delphi basics course
Welcome to our comprehensive Delphi course! Learn the full matric practical syllabus in under 7 hours! Whether you are a beginner programmer or have some experience under your belt, this course has something for everyone. We hope you watched our Delphi basics course as this would fit right in after that. In this course we dive into array algorithms and start playing with 2 Dimensional arrays.

We then dive into databases and working with multiple linked tables in Delphi. From this point we start learning about SQL. We go from basic concepts to more advanced concepts and then we learn how to use Delphi and SQL together. We look at SQL functions as well as different data types.

We learn how to create our very own custom objects and how to use these objects with arrays and many other components. Object oriented programming is a very important concept to learn and is the foundation to many programming languages. We learn about the different methods available in objects and how to use them.

It is important to know that we only use microsoft access in this course.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in Delphi and SQL and be well-equipped to continue learning and growing as a programmer. Join us and start your Delphi journey today!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wishes to learn these concepts

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