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Lean ML: Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning with Python

Lean ML: Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning with Python

The book is designed for beginners with basic background knowledge of machine learning, including common algorithms such as logistic regression and decision 

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What you'll learn

  • Essential machine learning theory
  • Must know pros and cons of common ML algorithms
  • Learn how to obtain free datasets on any topic
  • Code your first prediction model in Python


  • None
Don't know where to begin with machine learning? Getting lost in complex equations and dense theory?

Master the fundamentals of machine learning with ease!

Whether you're coming from a background in mobile and web development, business analysis, engineering, or a university student, your journey into this exciting and complex field starts with learning the fundamentals.

In this online video course, I will teach you the basics of machine learning. I'll walk you through the fundamental concepts, algorithms, and terms without overwhelming you in advanced math and lines and lines of code.

After completing this online course you can confidently go on to more complex learning resources on other learning platforms or maybe a general understanding of machine learning is enough to satisfy your needs for now. I'll also provide recommendations for further learning resources at the end of the course.

Class requirements

This online class has no requirements and while we will use the programming language Python as part of our code exercises, you do not need a background in coding to complete the project or the content covered in this course. Some knowledge of coding, however, would be beneficial to your understanding of later sections.

See you in the first video!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and anyone curious about machine learning and AI

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