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Learn Data Structures and Solve Interview Problems

Learn Data Structures and Solve Interview Problems

Data Structures and Algorithms are the most important and fundamental building blocks of computer science and any coding interviews. A good knowledge of data structures & algorithms is a must for designing and developing an efficient software application.

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What you'll learn

  • Learn fundamentals of data structure
  • Solve data structure related interview problems
  • Become an expert in approaching data structure related problems
  • Solve 100+ DS related interview questions


  • Familiar with python programming language and any python IDE (like PyCharm)
Understand the fundamentals of the data structures and solve related Interview problems in python.

Course Structure:


  • What is data structure?
  • Demo: Linkedlist
  • Runtime analysis


  • Stack DS refresher
  • Demo: Stack Interview questions
  • Demo: Stack Interview questions - Balanced parenthesis


Queue, Circular, Priority Queue
Demo: Queue Interview questions - Reverse a Queue
Demo: Queue Interview questions - Level order traversal in tree


  • Linked listLinked list DS refresher
  • Demo: Linkedlist implementation
  • Demo: Linkedlist Interview question - Reverse a given linked list
  • Demo: Linkedlist Interview question - Check for cycle in a given linked list
  • Demo: Linkedlist Interview question - Find intersection between 2 linked list


  • Hash table DS refresher
  • Demo: Interview question - Array Subset
  • Demo: Interview question - Remove duplicates in Linkedlist
  • Demo: Interview question - Finding K-distance duplicates


  • Tree Data Structure
  • Tree traversal and related concepts
  • Binary tree DS
  • Demo: Interview question - Find n-th node inorder traversal
  • Demo: Interview question - Level-order-traversal
  • Demo: Interview question - Construct tree from given inorder preorder
  • Binary Search Tree (BST)
  • Demo: Interview question - Finding postorder from given preorder of a BST
  • Heap DS
  • Demo: Find Kth largest element


  • Graph Data Structure - Refresher
  • Graph DS basics & representation
  • Graph traversals - BFS, DFS
  • Demo: DFS Implementation
  • Demo: Interview question - Largest Region
  • Demo: Interview question - Count islands
  • Demo: DFS, BFS Application
  • Minimum Spanning Tree & Shortest path - Refresher


  • Basics knowledge of computer programming (preferably with Python)
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine with Internet

Content team

  • Expert: Arunkumar Krishnan
  • Production: Vishnu Sakthivel

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers and experienced professionals looking for career in product based companies (like MAANG companies)

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