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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 + Practice Exams.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 + Practice Exams.

Step 1: Get to know the exam and exam-style questions. Review the CLF-C02 exam guide AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Official Practice Question Set Exam ...

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What you'll learn

  1. Define what the cloud is and how it works
  2. Differentiate between cloud computing and deployment models
  3. Describe the AWS cloud value proposition
  4. Describe the basic global cloud infrastructure
  5. Compare the different methods of interacting with AWS
  6. Describe and differentiate between AWS service domains
  7. and much more...


  • No AWS cloud experience is required, we will use the free AWS tier.
  • General IT technical knowledge preferred (Not required)


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is intended for individuals who have the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively demonstrate a general understanding of how the AWS cloud works, regardless of the specific technical roles addressed by other AWS certifications. The exam can be taken at a testing center or from the comfort and convenience of home or office as an online proctored exam.

Solidify your foundational AWS skills. Learn the basics of AWS cloud concepts, security and compliance, technology and billing, and pricing in this course designed for entry-level developers, architects, or non-engineers. This course is an excellent introduction for anyone who needs to become fluent in AWS.

Achieving this certification is an optional but recommended step towards achieving an Associate or Specialty level certification.

This is NOT a boring course of voice and PowerPoint lectures. Here I will discuss and present the material in an interactive and engaging style that will keep you interested and make it easier to understand. Take a look at the free videos available and you will see the difference.

"My intention in this course, is to introduce cloud computing and Amazon Web Services to people with non-traditional technical backgrounds. I'm going to explain everything in a very simple and easy to digest way so you won't have any problems learning about the Amazon Web Services cloud. Also, I'm going to give you exam tips and study breaks throughout the course."

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is an excellent entry-level certification for AWS . It's great for assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and its ecosystem.

I want to help you pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with flying colors .

Skills demonstrated with the certification:

  • Define what the AWS cloud is and the basic general infrastructure
  • Describe basic architectural principles of the AWS cloud
  • Describe the value proposition of the AWS Cloud
  • Describe the key services of the AWS platform and what their common use cases are (e.g., compute, analytics)
  • Describe basic compliance and security aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model
  • Define billing, account management and pricing models
  • Identify sources of documentation or technical support (e.g., technical documents or support tickets)
  • Describe the basic/primary features of performing AWS cloud deployments and tasks

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam domains covered are:

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts (24%)
Domain 2: Security and Compliance (30%)
Domain 3: Technology (34%)
Domain 4: Billing, pricing and support (12%)

This course covers the official points of the AWS Official Certification. Those required to pass the exam.

This course also includes:

  • Lifetime access to all future updates.
  • A responsive instructor in the Q&A section.
  • Udemy certificate of completion ready for download
  • 30-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee!
Join me in this course if you want to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and master the AWS platform!

Who this course is for:

  1. Students of AWS Academy
  2. Other IT related professionals
  3. Anyone who wants to acquire the skills necessary to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

Courses to get you started -- > AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 + Practice Exams.

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