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Tradingview PineScript V5 - Indicator - Strategy - Library

Tradingview PineScript V5 - Indicator - Strategy - Library

 Unlock the potential of TradingView with our expert guide on PineScript V5. Master indicators, strategies, and libraries.

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What you'll learn

  • Strategy and Indicator Coding on Tradingview
  • Backtesting the Strategy
  • Adding Strategies to Different Indicators
  • Setting Alarms
  • Strengthening with Exercises


  • Free Tradingview Account
  • Resolution


Do you constantly come across strategies and indicators online but find yourself unable to customize them to your liking?

Or perhaps you wish to combine several indicators, create your own conditions, generate signals, and see if they are profitable, but you can't seem to achieve this?

You're in the right place.

Welcome to the most comprehensive PineScriptV5 training. In this course, we will learn the PineScript language that Tradingview allows us to code in, including its latest version. We will explore many new features introduced with this version together.

We will cover working with data from multiple indicators, converting famous indicators into strategies for backtesting, and more.

You will learn how to visualize the indicators you've combined or the specific signals you've created and see them on the chart.

You'll be able to code tables to see and visualize multiple data points on a single screen.

With libraries, you can export your function once and then use it in all your other codes with just one line.

Through request methods, you can access data from a different symbol within an indicator.

Without a paid account, you will be able to scan 40 instruments based on the data of any time range of the strategy you want.

In this training, where I also talk about the underlying thought process behind coding, you will structure your foundation very well. This will enable you to make even the simplest data useful and applicable in great ways.

We've covered how to devise strategies, add trailing stops to the strategies you design, and include stop loss and take profit.

We did plenty of exercises and progressed from simple to complex.

This course will always stay up-to-date. New videos, strategies, indicators, etc., will continue to be added based on the demand in the comments.

Who this course is for:

  • Tradingview Users
  • Those who want to backtest their strategies
  • Those who want to learn Pinescript v5
  • Those who want to code their own indicators and strategies

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